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Here, I want to share the feeling of fresh, recently. "Sore". In every sense. We can say Memories "piping hot." Pre-Easter Holy Week, Good Friday, atoning Saturday, and a delightful sense of the Resurrection on Sunday, on the next day ... I have just krupnenko buyout so erring in front of his man, and that's it, atoning Friday, in the sauna. In the circle of "friends" ... that feeling of painful or sweet candy ... flour ... suspenseful Penalties and thirst and readiness of Atonement ... ... Surrendering to the inevitable surrender to the inevitability of inevitability ... the redemption from sin through suffering. .. the fear of pain and the expected strong gotovnostk sacrifice ... sacrifice his own body, his own anguish, his own "I" ... martyrdom submissive patience ... shame and awe-wide when completely undressing ... overwhelmed mind pain, second place - there is no turning into excitement, gaining sweetness - born and rising lust, waking up some downright animal lust ... oooo, just insatiable lust insane relations "continuation" ... and crazy power discharge ..! . and another one !! ... and more !!! ... more !!!! ... to get enough "do not want", when there is no desire, only the pleasure of an intrusion, by touching yourself from an intrusion from an eruption and the fort ... by feelings and body strength movements ... I was so devastated, exhausted, that after I finally left alone last willing, after a short, but very sweet Consolation by one of the participants of our beloved Sabbath Entertainment - instantly fell asleep. The husband did not wake me up after all become razezzhatsya, and waited when I wake up myself. When I woke up and came to her senses, then pleasantly surprised that he gave me to sleep, relax and quietly thanked him. For that it is quite appropriate to recall that for the expression of gratitude female there are many ways other than words.

I was with him completely agree, and choosing the least painful and easiest method for themselves (considering how much had to endure my other holes), dropping in front of him on his haunches - made him a wonderful blowjob. Wonderful for several reasons: judging by his stormy loud ecstatic reaction of short duration to achieve the result I (did not want to, of course, that tired yet and mouth), and by the fact that "in the process" I'm very well to my surprise (think of -this will not fatigue) fingers caressed herself between the legs and brought himself almost immediately after he filled my mouth and slipped out of my mouth ... and then - the experience of a quiet clear "quiet" orgasm, dropping helplessly to his knees, shower - and ... home and sleep, sleep, sleep ... very pleased with herself ... I did it! ... my sacrifice made ... and will not be in vain ... heaven ... I will take it easier ... I clean ... Recently my daughter is strongly quarreled with me. We can say, it behaved provocatively and brazenly. I even thought that she purposely drives me crazy ... I finally whipped her belt. She screamed ... so crying ... crying ... I begged forgiveness ...

And when I stopped her whip and went to the bathroom to wash, then peeked how she caresses herself between the legs and touching, pinching nipples ... I watched spellbound as she screwed up her eyes and shaking all over, biting her lip, holding back the sounds of rushing out on his forehead sweat ... and I think that is probably genetically ... "Apple from the tree ..." I touched myself in dope - and the wave has covered me ... this bright-bright flash of light ... Flying ... guy ... madness ..

This incident happened 5 years ago, in the fall, when I turned 15 years old. The fact is that since childhood had a craving for a female underwear. When there was no one at home, I climb in the cabinet sister (she is older than me by 2 years), and wore her panties, bra, pantyhose. Or he took out of the basket dirty panties sisters and sniffing, licking, and even the most savory place.

Naturally, while he masturbates. And so "fuse" took place in one day. In the midst of my masturbation, unexpectedly early sister returned from the institute. Imagine the picture? .. My sister came into the room where I lay on the bed in her underwear and flipping through pornozhurnal found me at the table sister masturbate. I do not even have time to cover herself with a blanket - so fast it happened.

- I did not know that I have a sister - with a malicious smile said Sveta.

I shame was ready to sink into the ground. Understandably sister will tell all to his father, and then I begged her sister not to tell parents anything. She smiled mischievously and said he would think about it. On this day I shudder to expect the evening, when a work had to come parents. Sitting at dinner, I stole glances at her sister, expecting the worst. But nothing happened. I calmed down a bit. Yes it was not there .: The next day my sister came back from the institute before. Let no one. She brought with him his friend. Andrew studied Svetka in the same group. I knew that they were six months fuck at home when parents are at work. Sometimes even peeping through the door.

- Well, sister, razvlechёmsya? - Asked Sveta.

At first I did not understand the meaning of her words, but she added:

- Yesterday, I did not say anything to the parents, and for that you are now going to do everything I'll have you.

What could I do?

Andrew has apparently been aware of since he was smiling while standing in the doorway, listening to our conversation.

- First, you come up with a new name. How do you want your name?

I shrugged my shoulders:

- I do not know.

- Let's call it Masha, - Andrew suggested. Sveta agreed with him.

Sveta went to the closet, pulled out a black lace panties, a bra, a pair of black stockings with a belt, a short black transparent shirt from silk, and put forth all this to me, said:

- Blow into the bath, take a shower and change your clothes.

I had no choice but to obey its requirements:

I've already rinsed when there was a knock at the door. Opening it, I saw Svetka, who stood in the doorway, holding a certain parcel.

- Can you, sister? - She asked.

Without waiting for my answer, she asks slipped in the bath and closed the door behind him. She opened the package and pulled out a wig of straight black hair, makeup and packaging of condoms. I was ready for the worst. Sveta asked as soon as possible to end up with a shower, because ": Andrei little time". She helped me dry off with a towel, sometimes too clearly touching my dick, which by such courtesies began to grow in size. Then he watched with interest at how I clothe the feminine cloth. I almost hesitated, zastёgivaya stockings straps on the belt, but Svetka timely warning in advance and helped me. Then she unbuttoned her makeup bag, pulled out a tube of lipstick and told me to go to her.

- Well, since your name is Masha, then you it's time to learn how to use makeup. First, let's touch up your lips: For the lipstick of cosmetic followed false eyelashes, eye shadow, blush, long false nails. Camouflaged me in all this, Sveta opened the package of condoms. She turned on the faucet with warm water and poured into each of the condom with half a liter of water. Then he turned to me and asked me to put on her bra. Then she shoved into each cup bra on the condom with water, just stepped aside and nodded in satisfaction.

- Well, now let's go.

We came out of the bathroom and went into the hall where on the couch sat Andrew and clearly interested watching something on TV. With each step my "breasts" waved in captivity bra from side to side and top to bottom. Coming closer, I saw that on the video player included pure porn. One girl sucked a member of a negro, the other - a white man pumped his cock her ass.

- Gosha! - Said Andrew, looking at my transformation.

- That's not all, - said Sveta, and coming back to my room with a pair of black shoes - Wear them.

As she asks the girl was not a fragile physique, her shoes easily nalezli on my feet. We sat on the couch next to Andrew. I sat in the middle, on the right was Andrew, left - she asks. On the Negro pulled out a member of his mouth girl lowered sperm on her face, and began to rub her head on her cheeks and lips. I finished and white behind him. He pulled out a member of the ass blonde. The camera showed a close-up of open anus girls, in which a portion of the shoot portion was the sperm guy.

- You want to try the same? - Said she asks Andrew. He only could that nodded.

- Come on, touch here - Sveta took my hand and put it on the feet between Andrew. Even through his pants, I felt an erection guy (not surprising after seeing this scene).

- Remember him - prompted shoulder Sveta.

I began to knead and stroke member Andrew. Then Sveta said that I knelt in front of Andrew and unbuttoned his pants.

Andrew threw the legs in hand, I stood between his knees and pulled the zipper.

- Pull out his penis and masturbate - followed by a new designation.

I pulled the elastic band of cowards and Andrew pulled out a decent size cock. He was 20 centimeters long and quite thick.

I pulled the skin off his crimson head. It was wet. Apparently Andrew was seriously excited, looking porn. I began to slowly move your hand over the penis, opening and closing the head of the penis.

After some time, Sveta said:

- Now, take into your mouth and suck.

I became stubborn, saying that never did, I can not, and do not want what Sveta said that if I do not want to know about my passions parents, he should do what she says.

There was nothing. with parents scandal prospect does not suit me.

- Do not be afraid, - said Andrey, - I saw how it makes the girl in the film? Come on: first lick the head from all sides.

I stuck out his tongue and touched it to the tip of the head of Andrei member. Then he began to make a circular motion language. penis was brackish taste, wet from my saliva and grease.

- Now suck, - said Andrei.

I took the penis in her mouth and began to make sucking movements with his lips and tongue. Andrew made a muffled groan, leaned his head back against the couch and closed his eyes. He also took me by both hands behind his head and began to string my mouth on his penis, trying to push it on me in the throat. I began to choke, but it only increased the desire of Andrew. He tightened his grip on my head, on top of Sveta began to help him to fuck me in the mouth, pressing his hand on my neck. I could barely contain the gag reflex, feeling Andrew piston deep into my mouth and on the throat. It is almost jumped out of my mouth, leaving only the head inside, then again deeply immersed, so his hairy balls knocked together on my chin.

Hearing the characteristic squeak (as my father's video camera is turned on), I pulled away from Andrew member and saw that Sveta switched to the role of the operator, and did remove me and my charms, dressed in women's cloths, compressive member Andrew with his right hand.

I wanted to protest, and tried to jump to his feet, but Andrew firmly grabbed my head and pulled my mouth back to its members.

- Lick my balls - I asked Andrew.

I began to lick his hairy balls. From them came the tart smell of male sweat.

Hello. Sometimes nice to revive some memories. Only need to think a little, to collect his thoughts. And time is not enough, the exams issue ... On and from work travel minibuses. And in the crush, of course. And it is pleasant to feel the interest of men and their "tight" proximity. Of course, it happens, and pressed, and stroke, and feels. When cautiously, stealthily, furtively. When brazenly and openly. Sometimes I react sharply. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes - not react, listening to the sensations.

According to the mood. Do you know the identity of "object" as something not too affected. Lapa usually behind, and is not particularly porassmatrivat. And sometimes raise the noise - a more expensive, you know? Feeling himself thus, really, bitch. Just bitch. A couple of times just quietly arranging a little wider feet, pressing his hand opportunity to "guest" hooliganism, entering further chuvsvuya as hard fingers plucked hair probe sponge between his legs ... As for "flowed" ... I light moisturizing, quickly. Usually there is not any problems, regardless of "like - not like". Even when raped, I was wet, excited ... Although I did not like what happened to me. Although I, when excited, red and pale, said spots ... really like a little.

And I do like the look creepy or a feeling of enhanced or fledgling male member, addressed to me - a direct, unequivocal, unambiguous expression of interest to me ... I'm interested in what I like me that I desired. And men desire chastenko just crazy ... In fact, sometimes standing and do not dare to do anything. When at the same time terribly ashamed, but pleased that with you ... like the last, and vulgar and lascivious sleaze with which man can always and everywhere ... Just rolls weakness so ... give up? It is not feasible quite unrealistic ... ... feel like a whore ... Woe shame ... or desire ... Once I came in "shuttle", closing his eyes, moving, gripping his knees when a drunken neighbor put his hand on me snachchala knee, and then began to stroke his thigh ... last August I went pozdenko evening, it was getting dark, in the "bus" back home. Bothering me two guys. They were well drunk, one began to touch me from behind, and loud enough to offer "a walk before going to bed."

I have long endured, and then at me right Nakata madness for some, mischievous madness. I suddenly, unexpectedly even for himself, went halfway. We have in such a long embankment, fifteen kilometers to go to the residential community. Beach under the embankment overgrown with willows and all Topolki ... They came after me, loudly cracking jokes at my expense. And scary, probably surprised when I went not to the home, and the descent "to the shore." I was, feeling lower back their views. And all burned. When I went down to the bush and went deep into the trail, I heard their footsteps and breathing behind. I stopped and turned around. They came very close. In his hand was a bottle of vodka, and another two bottles of beer. I smiled and said tensely, they will treat a lady with vodka, or not. They laughed and opened my pretty bottle. I took a few gulps straight from the bottle, waited relax in the head, gave a bottle, and they offered a "brotherhood" I kissed them, drinking beer.

One held her and began to stroke, feel me on top of the dresses, then pulled up the hem of her and began to fumble under. I pulled away, poddernula her dress above her knees and sank to her knees on the grass a little prickly. He unzipped his jeans and took in his mouth. It was getting dark, around crackled. whistled nightingales, somewhere pokvakivali frogs, grasshoppers crackled, and I "did not say no girlish ..." since my mouth was busy. Men say. it is very like it when huesoska, you called me (and I like !!), picks up the innocent eyes, looking them in the eye ... and I like the look of men at this time, so greedy, dark ... you I like to see, as the trunk moves in and out in an elegant painted mouth? And I like to suck, I even sometimes cum just from the feeling in the mouth, without addition ,. to caress themselves "during". The second man stood by and watched. They were talking, and one whose cock was in my mouth and said that I suck just great. I thought if he finished in my mouth, then I'll ruin the dress. I pulled away and said, "Wait ...", stood up, pulled her dress over her head, hung on a bush, and then sat down in front of the "client". I felt like a cheap street whore. The boy soon became just fuck me in the mouth, spitted head in his hands stronger, fiercer, faster ... I even choked several times. When you get too deep. The second came from behind and took off my bra. From the touch of his fingers over my nipples to my freewheeling orgasm, at this time, and I shrank back in front of me. taking. filling my mouth. - Swallow, whore, swallow ... - it is now in my ears. He held my head, not allowing to move away ... Cum leaking from the corner of my mouth and chin dripping on his chest. In my mind I praised myself for the foresight. When he let go, the second pushed me in the back, putting on all fours. I looked around. He was already without pants standing member. - Che look, become, come on ... I was on all fours, leaning on his elbows, breasts almost clinging to the grass. feeling like a blade of grass tingling nipples that the voltage seemed to burst ... arching back, the deflection, trying to hang higher up the ass, and my beau play furiously hammering a member as deeply as possible, grasping arms around his waist, spitted the jerks ... Panties he simply pushed aside. I finished before him, groaning and limp. When he finished, he took his place at once recovered buddy. However, already pulling my panties.

I bravely took his head, and when, after his second run wanted his friend, said that the feet are tired and want to lie down. Asked podstelit shirt, not to beat and not to scratch the back of the coarse grass. They lay me his shirt did not want to, saying that I zamazhu sperm and threw on my clothes the grass. Come on, do not Coben, lie down, blyadina not fuck - do not you see, is ... Lie down, bitch, is not received by the ear ... I lay down. I'm offended by their rudeness, and at first just lay there, waiting for one of them working between my legs. But then it started up and began to help her hips, leaning, twisting ... After both emptied their scrotum, and excitement they finally subsided, I dolaskala himself lying on the back, in front of them, having finished "sound" . We got dressed, they drank beer and went to the embankment. The dress was wrinkled, and the sperm, of course, fell on him. Nothing, faded ... When we got to the road, guys want to "on track", I still sucked them. And I sucked, right behind the bushes, in waist-height, sitting in front of them, rasstegnuvshimi his pants. On the waterfront raced cars. sliding on bushes and we had to bring the headlights ... "to the" long enough, even tired mouth. I caressed her fingers himself, and was able to once again finish. We parted dovlno a relaxed and weary. Boys razvezlo. And me reeling. Vidocq was still that ... Home reached after midnight, opened quietly and slipped into the apartment. Her husband was not, thank God. He was with the children in the country of their parents. You could take a shower and a faded dress and panties ... Before you go to sleep, I suddenly could not resist and caressed herself, remembering the intense trunks of their random passengers ... I have, in addition, there were other times when I did not know as the name of my partner. This episode - from the brightest. As the saying goes, "there is something to remember ..." It was nice to lie down and feel like a slut. Willing and skillful.

Would you like me? I beauty

I was in the United States in summer exchange between our medical college and hospital in Florida. Upon arrival it turned out that this is a small town in N, particularly unremarkable.

Among the local attractions - only a huge shopping center and the county jail. After a couple of weeks, I got used to the local hospital and our manager-curator invited me to earn assisting twice a week to the prison doctor. Of course, I agreed. The doctor turned out to be a guy 35 years, his name was Zack, he was quite pin in communication, tall, with a leaner figure, and with a smooth tan. I assisted him in planning rounds for the cameras, as well as in charge of the instrument and the drugs in the hospital. The prison was a male, very clean. The prisoners were dressed in orange overalls, lived in zareshetchatyh boxes for two or four people. It attended the race - whites, blacks and Latinos. So how to do it was nothing special in my opinion they are all free time shaking their muscles - and were fmgury hoo. By the way the local guard was also as the selection, although some were happy owners of a beer belly.

Once Zach came to me in lechebku and asked to go to the extreme to give boxing a prisoner with a pill. Guard on duty with the significant name of blasphemy took me there - in the chambers there was no one - was hot and everyone was in the prison yard, and returned to his post. The patient was a white, ezhikostrizhenny medium height and age guy with a very relief muscles. He was lying at the bottom of a bunk bed. I asked how are you and what worries - he said that the attack took place almost. I gave him a pill and told to undress - to inspect it. He sat down again and took off his orange jumpsuit - I was blown away: the laundry was not at the bottom, the boy had a relief press, was covered in small hairs - well, just a teddy bear! Member hung in poluvozbuzhdennom condition and was quite large. I sat down in front of him and began to push the belly from the top down, and then suddenly he took my hand and placed it on his dick reared. I could not resist and began frantically vzdrachivat this miracle of nature - he groaned, and proignul my head to him. Without thinking about what I took this to increase significantly (25 * 6) Uncut huische into his mouth and began to crawl on each of its vyemochke his tongue.

The guy started poebyvat me - at first slowly, and then trying to pull deeper into your piston. I tried as much as possible to relax the sky and in the end was able to almost completely take the dick. throat muscles closely rubbed his piston, I feel funky smell of grease, sweat and body - all this has brought me very much and I barely had time to contrive to throw off his pants with one hand to pull rushing out sperm. Reflex I am at this moment squeezed the boy's throat and wheezed, pulled my face in curly pubis and began jerking cum pouring my sperm directly into the esophagus. It was a lot, so I oshutil that it trickle around the edges of my lips stretched. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, bent down and took me in his arms put the bottom bunk bed. He completely undressed me, lifted my legs so I braced them to the top of the bed and began to caress the tongue my anus. I have repeatedly watched the process in porn, but I never thought how it fucking! I started postanovat, podmahnut try to meet his hot and wet tongue, which climbed deeper into me. Soon joined by one language, and then two or three fingers, which turned and stretched my anus in different directions.

Basically, I sometimes like to pomastrubirovat, thrusting with a small object in his hole - you get a very sharp and unusual sensations, but this time, once clearly in the hands of the pros, I quite simply floated. Feeling the light of pokalovaniya unshaven chin touch the most delicate parts of the skin around the hole and language scurrying somewhere inside me, is replaced by several fingers, I completely gave pleasant feelings by giving your partner the opportunity to play with the object of his desire. Stretching my anus, he thought, well enough, he took me by the ankles and lifting, bent my legs, spreading their part. My point was fully open. And it is at this point carefully examined my hole. Then, telling me that I gripped hands your legs in this position, he was still a little work it with his fingers. Kneeling, he lifted a little higher still my legs, "adjusted" at the height of which must be my anus, so it was convenient vlupit your dick in it, "fixed" position is a pillow and a blanket, tucked them under me. Then a juicy spat on his dick and slowly, podrachivaya him, I put my anus. His crimson healthy zalupen gradually began to sink in me, and I made an effort to relax. When his prick fully entered into me and my anus tightly closed behind these giant mushrooms, my stud stopped. Yes, I tell you, the feeling was just ofiget - I was shaking with excitement and a sense of the absolute fullness of my ass. I was planted to stop, feeling the coarse hair of his pubis on his anus.

My stud started to work its piston, pulling up to half back and pounding his dick from all accrual rate. After a few minutes of non-stop so fucked it with relish, sucking sound pulled his dick out of my ass and ordered me to stand up, legs apart and holding her hands behind bars .. Going into me from behind with absolutely no problems, he firmly took up arms for my hips and then started a real fucking ... his movements became sharp and totally ruthless. He then planted me his dick on the eggs, then it completely took out my mangled anus and planted the new: Its a big sweaty balls on my beat I just whines in response to his most vicious tremors. My dick for a long time nalilsya and swayed to the beat of his movements. I felt a wild desire to be on top, slide on it of enormous penis. As if he heard my thoughts, my stud pulled out his dick and sat on the edge of the bed, told me to spread on his delicious cock. Taking me by the hips, he thrust a sharp half vlupil me your dick that I have already laid the ears. Letting go of my plump buttocks, which immediately closed around his powerful dick, he again firmly grabbed my hips and drove the remaining half of its sausage into my insatiable ass. His hips loudly slapped me on the ass, and healthy eggs swaying heavily hit the mine. "Come on, slide - up and down, up and down" - I heard the hot whisper. What I did, holding one rukoyza upper bed and the second podrachivaya his penis. I closed my eyes and bent back her ass began to sit down on the most beautiful piece of flesh that I have known in my life.

Muscles of the anus with power and curtailed my stud moaned loudly with pleasure. Suddenly, someone called me - opened my eyes I saw Dr. Zack who, with a smile jerked off his dick. Deep fitted on the dick, I naturally could not make an innocent look and therefore opened his mouth wide to which my colleague immediately put his impatient tool. Not having even how to suck a dick doctor Zack I've already got a strong portion of his juice into my parched throat. Later, he must say a horse serving. The sperm was thick and viscous. Swallowing everything I did not let go of his dick out of his mouth, and by continuing to gently suck, suddenly resumed its interrupted work his ass. At some point, all trembling, I discharged sperm fountain that devastated my balls. A few minutes later, having experienced harsh cuts my anus, my stud began profusely and for a long time to lower their juices into the bottomless depths of my ass saturate. Dr. Zack at that moment sealed my mouth with a kiss. Then with a smile he said, "Well done, Igor, how you our Pierre?". I just got off the exhausted limp dick inside me and said - "just super!". Pierre muttered, "the boy just a class for a long time I did not have such a muscular ass Come in any time.!". Quickly dressed, the doctor and went to his office, passing by grinning guard Julio, who probably all seen by the cameras of internal monitoring. That's how I started my prison probation.

All the above is true. Heroes Names have been changed deliberately, in order to preserve confidentiality.

Every summer, we go to rest in the village to stay with relatives. We stop always live in my mother's aunt, aunt Thais. They have a 3-bedroom apartment in a single brick high-rise building, which rises in the middle of the village. Taisa's aunt herself a woman of about 50, of medium height, dark hair, arranged in a square haircut, a little saggy breasts, which gives what the primitiveness and simplicity of Russian women, elastic ass, in short everything that is necessary to the woman, she has. She dresses always easy, without any frills, and who delights in the village show. Wears it usually robe, panties, bra as I noticed, trying not to wear.

Then one day when I came to the river a little earlier planned, so nobody expected that the home will not. But going into the apartment, my eyes immediately stared at the beautiful view which I opened. My aunt was leaning forward and soap hands pier. ITS robe rose above the knees, and I was able to better see her legs, then my mind was transferred to her delicious ass. And I decided to do something about what I dreamed for a long time. I approached her and lifted a sharp wave of his robe with one hand while your other hand I grabbed her by the hair and put a jerk to the wall. She tried to jerk but was stopped just my body that is behind it. Panties pulled off, I freed out of his pants his cock and moisten it with saliva began to introduce it in her bosom. Not to say that it was covered with juice, but it was mokrinka, so my cock slipped easily. I felt that Aunt beginning to enjoy my 20 centimeter penis and stopped struggling. And my cock entering the full length of both began to walk along the tracks, then leaving the Driving into the tunnel, where it starts to be added juices. I realized that Aunt vryatli will resist, so I pushed her away from the wall a little bit, so that it is slightly pushed back at me, and she put her hands on the wall. Member went on thumb position to enter into the fold of razgorechennoe and then hit a powerful jet on the walls of the vagina. I just did not vytakstivat member of her vagina, giving her the opportunity to feel the warmth of which it was filled. Vyiaschiv member I turned her to face him, her face was visible joy and pleasure from sex, and she said:

- Nephew and you and strong on fiction. Own Aunt udelal like I had never fucked nobody.

- No problems. From this day you will become my property and I will fuck you when I want, where I want and how I want to, do you understand me ??

- Yes, I saw nephew.

- And no longer nephew, call me going strictly by the name of Max, I knew a thing useless.

- Yes Maxim realized.

- Now go and prepare something to eat.

I recently with my 4 friends went to the beach. There we decided to go on foot. Almost reaching the beach in front of us slowed down a big black SUV. From the window of the jeep he leaned nice young man of 20 years, who immediately offered to go with him and his friends to the recreation center. Katka boldest The girl immediately gave her consent, especially as she had long wanted to anyone - ever have sex, because broke up with a guy and was free, she said. The three of us still thought a moment, too, agreed. I am sitting in the jeep I saw that the girls were seated and there was nowhere to sit to me, and I sat on his lap of the guy. We drove at full speed so quickly rushed to the base. All the way Roma (as he introduced himself) stroked my hips and I was highly excited. On the base, we met three more of his friends, not believing it, and Vadik Misha (the driver). Generally it turned out that the guys did not have three, and six. First we drank vodka and ate kebabs. Then, I was impatient to the toilet and I asked Roma to show the way. He went with me.

The road ran across the beach, and he offered to sit a little bit. Alcohol gave osebe know. I openly flirted with Roma. We sat on the sand, and then I just lay down on his back and began stroking her thighs compress and decompress the chest. Seeing this, he was very excited and moved me. He began to cover my neck with kisses, I began to stroke soft and warm hands. Slowly he took off my top and short skirt and I was only on rosy swimsuit zavyazochkah. I myself withdrew from the bra swimsuit, and Roma pristvistnul seeing my chest. She was netakoy big as we would like, but had a wonderful round shape, was firm and look feminine. Skmnuv my panties he undressed and put under the bottom of his shirt. He had a very beautiful body! Pumped torso hardest excited me. Then it dawned on me that I was still virgin and found fear in me.

- What are you afraid of? - He neponyal

- I am a virgin.

- Who will do nicely. - Roman smiled.

He dropped down to my cave and began to gently polizyvat tongue. And between the hands of his much spend too much time my chest, but it was worth it. Again, I strongly excited. But then he just got up and slowly began to enter into me his huge dick. From the sudden pain, I cried out and he closed my mouth with his hand. Apparently stumbled on my cherished "wall of protection," he vytaschail member almost to the end and suddenly came tearing me all obstacles. Terrible pain pinned me. I did not cry and did not twitch, I even occurred to me that you can die from it and how Katka still wants sex !? But after about five minutes, I felt the more than pain, something pleasant. This feeling was coming over me, and I heard her own moan. He set me up and I started to ride him like mad. He gave way to a frantic pace slow and rhythmic. I then remembered even more poses ... Then he grinned arrogantly and said:

- And now you suck me.

I have long refused, but then gave up and took his gun stuck in his mouth. By doing rhythmic movements, I then played the tongue, then swallowing it almost to the ground, and know how once when he saw in a porn film, one movement, I decided to try him out! The movement of "eight" has brought him and he fucked me again and we finished together. After the rough sex I saw that on the abdomen and legs traces of blood and semen. Wearing kuralnik I got into the water and obmylas. A Roma while looking for a place where to throw the condom and threw it at a tree.

When we got back I saw almost the most natural orgy: Katka standing cancer, fuck on the table with Victor, Misha sucking and fucking her in the ass Vadik. Tanya kept sassy Sasha and forced to suck, and she screamed that nehochet whatever it touched. But after five minutes of coaxing she still stuck his dick in his mouth and began to suck enthusiastically, and then she told that he had fucked her on the spot. And our most modest girl Light full-ignited two-Andrea. At the sight of these orgies, I also caught fire again and was wet and we Roma went into the room and fucked for a long time, only on a soft bed. Later, a little rest, I fucked AndreemMishey and Sasha. In the evening they took us home and then we often become vstrchatsya with Roma (no sex is needed) and after a while he asked me to be his girlfriend ... I agreed.

Dad, when we were resting on the sea, he met with a pair of "mother and child", the girl was 15 years old. While courting Daddy "mummy", we often at night in a single room left, we were terribly curious .. how it all happened.

Her mother either did not see any threat to me, whether my dad was keen not know. We have the same everything was so romantic night swimming in the sea, go anywhere on the handle ... She was taller than I was almost on my head and on my people slightly embarrassed, but more than compensated when we were alone in the room - kissing, affection: at first she did not allow anything to me, then, when she got into the taste, we ran away from our ancestors to find a corner where caress: I guess so anything and has not ended, if the three days before departure, I have not brought a bottle of wine ... She has long refused to drink, saying, "you want me to make a drunkard?" I joked that I was still a minor than it is! We sat and drank a little caress, she had not previously allowed to climb into his pants, and then I was able to slowly get under them, then at some point, distracted, and she immediately pulled my hand and sat down. I'm back to her with his kisses, she turns me off and not given, I was in despair.

Then we drank again and again in bed, this time I was able to just prisputit her panties .. was dark, dark night in the South, I like some of it could come off, turned on the light in the bathroom, drank again. And then she tells me that she was nobody, and judging by my actions I have experienced, I have thought for sure it will not work: Some like it and again reassured the bed ... Then, when we were undressed completely and I began to get a job (because he knew that must be somewhere there) and nothing happens, then "somewhere" I was two push and finished .. Joyful from the fact that finally I did it! Asked whether she liked it, and she tells me that I will not hit, it turned out that I came between her buttocks! And then she took the initiative in their hands ... I lay down on her, she put where it is necessary and it still does not work, she shifted me on his back and sat on top of me At last able to enter it again, I immediately came, it lasted four times as long as I have a little calmed down, lay down on her ivse we have. It is of course at that time had no orgasm, but assured that she was very cool.

Oh dear, hello, how to walk? Yes, okay, fuck Irku slightly, and I missed. So fuck like, but I'm a faithful wife and husband do not change. Barely doterpela home. Can I insert right now? I then posmokchu your very best, and that on Irku seen enough Th she got up as much as the most desirable.

I turned my wife with cancer, already getting up immediately put the penis and a minute later she yelled from a wild orgasm. Then he crawled into bed and fell outstretched legs. Come to me, she whispered softly and gently. I went and lay down beside him. My wife slipped on my shoulder down to the stomach, took in his mouth, began to gently suck.

Hey Lena, how it usually Irku fuck all and sundry and you're telling me that you just kiss sometimes touch her breasts permitted during the dance. You're not lying to me, huh? Fair...

And what, you do not believe me? She whispered and continued to suck and lick my balls ... Len, I just recently with boys ter some, they were told that fun once you at the hut. Irku flogged once like, well, it's me and not surprised. But about you something new heard ... Speak tenderly wife said almost without looking up from my penis.

Oleg kid named Sam, a nickname is similar. In short, Oleg told me that you sat on the couch and began to play cards on the strip. More precisely they Irkoy, and you sat down to watch TV. An hour later, Ira was already completely naked and drunk. Then the boys stretched her on the bed, began to poke one member in her mouth and the other in the pussy. And it did not last long, because the boys could not stupidly at her start. It was?

It was, said his wife is not letting a member out of his mouth ... more ...

Then they asked you to turn around in the chair, lift her skirt so that it was visible panties and spread her legs. And you did it. True?

Yes, true, just Irku felt sorry. So what's wrong with that. That's all they told you? She asked and continued to suck. They say that dragged Irku your at Cravath forty minutes this way and that, and looked at it you between the legs, and say that you're not looking at the TV, and only on them but on the Irku, and arm yourself launched into pants and masturbate become . Well, and that was the ...

And the fact that one of them said that took a member of Irkin mouth, walked up to you, pulled your pants and began to lick you, and the second is also confirmed. And then with you all cowards removed and legs stretched together in the hand and began to kiss and paw how and where they wanted. A Irku sleep on the left of the bed.

Er, look, I know everything until the end, and that I'll continue to believe he could tell me all by herself, as if I do not know anything. Be honest, it was there, without lies, I will not be angry ... His wife lay down and became quiet and slightly tired to talk, without ceasing to masturbate my dick sticking out from the excitement.

In general, the case was slightly different. You know, I watched TV and Oleg Sam Irku fucked, and she was tired, drunk, and they were alone in her pussy from below, and the other in the ass blown. Well Irk me and says, hold them a little bit in the excited state, I want to relax a bit, and then tired. Well I say, a little-except that. And then it left and the boys came up to me. They immediately knew that I would not fuck well and panties removed and what's wrong with that, you've permitted me to have a little fun sometimes, so I thought that anything, let polizhut so admire.

In short, I raskinua legs, skirt, blouse, too, shot, lying naked in a chair, a pussy licking me and another member of the foot rubs and kissing climbs. Well I think, began to kiss him, and his hand began to masturbate ... and so it became my very best, but he kept his head, sat up a little, in short she did not notice as a member of his chest began to fondle himself, as a member of the dry, so I He took it into his mouth to wet a little bit. And Sam saw this thing on my pussy began to climb up, chest-type kiss, and he put me and fuck ... became so cool ... well, what can I do already.

His wife apparently was got from the memories and began to masturbate with all forces me and kiss me. I felt the same her clitoris and began to gently pull it.

In short, they really got me to fuck a little bit, in the pussy and in her mouth, then we are on the bed, climbed, Oleg sat down, legs parting, but I lay it face down on his stomach and began to suck Sam at this time the priest me some ointment rubbed, and then just to put a member.

And what are you, I asked even more agitated, and they are not surprised by anything special. Tell me, as if I do not know anything, tell me ...

Well, listen, Sam shorter fuck me in the ass and I suck a member of Oleg, and so wanted something special to do to surprise once, well, you know me, Well, Well, this is important to me ... In short, I beginning Oleg eggs lick, I see - look at me, excited even stronger, clubs are solid, not what to Irka and I lick and side and feet the whole to him, and from the bottom, and then his legs up lifted and began to back him language ponemnozhechku as touch, touch, touch and hand druchi him. They bred the two, you know how I am able to, the one in the ass fuck me, and I Oleg torment, so I had to torment a couple of minutes and then both began to lick the hole that is forces, the whole saliva has expired, and the language in the ass poked at full-length, masturbate, and that there are forces, they are such a perverted and never seen before. Oleg obkonchalsya so that my mouth was poured, then another hair grabbed me from both sides and pressed, drove me to the lips, cheeks, belly yourself in the balls, asked more ass licking and tongue to stick and I poked, let Drag think, five more minutes, just lick until he passed out completely.

Then Sam from my priests took his dick, he took me gently by the hand and asked him to go to the bathroom. I went ... you're not ... serdishsya, judging by how you should - not serdishsya. In short, we climbed with him to the bathroom and I so wanted pisya, and he is a member of the washes, I tell him, turn away, I pisya want, and if you hesitate, and he says - Len, please popisyat straight at me, and squats. Well, what could I do, it is the same I have just been to hell and pen in his mouth gave, well that was already ashamed afterwards. He squatted down, and I picked up one foot and began pisya, and he just grabs the mouth, lips, face him and he runs me still suck ass tongue, so cool ... well I finished, flows a trickle leg slightly and he's licking ... pervert. Well, then I sat in the bathroom, just sing to wash, and he said - and I, too, can be on you ... ... wife glared at my lips somehow vampire, wild sucking kiss, and then sank lower with licked my stomach and my own sweat with a lubricant, a nap several times stiff dick and got him his wet, flowing, hungry pussy ... listen ... more

... and it is possible and I am with you popisyat says, well, I think that's that, and it is my just do not like her husband, a little did-that, well I say, just a little bit, and only on the back and ass on the face in any case and I take offense, but I will you at this time to lick the egg. He stood over me and I sit on his lap and his feet the whole higher and higher to the eggs picking up, now eggs lick and he's pisya not start on me, then I suck wanted, and a member of it in his mouth took, and at that moment felt jet, he Ssali straight into my mouth and I suddenly began to drag, push away and whisper I'm sorry, I'm sorry I did not see, did not want to, but ... I accidentally spray pouring on me, on the face, and I say so quietly - oh well. .. relax, and again his dick in her mouth to receive, let him think pokayfuet and drink and swallow, breath pours out, and he looks me in the eye and see, and dragged ... at this point, all rose and spun, we began to choke and then something exploded, struck by lightning, zazvinelo ears, eyes became dull and my wife died from an overdose of buzz.

In the morning when we arose, I looked at the sleepy wife and I thought - well, dreamer ... but not now, if we climb together in the bathroom ..

Fifteen-year Gennady always liked his friend Igor mother, aunt of Light. Aunt light, so it called Gene, he was an adult woman sorokapyati years, with a fourth the size of breasts, wide hips and big ass, especially liked Gennady. Gennady was still a virgin, and so it is often jerked off, imagining how he fucks her in various poses. He even could not imagine that his dream will soon come true, when he agreed to come to the birthday of Aunt Amy. It asked him to Igor, to one not to miss at the festival which will be one adult.

Gene late birthday as buying flowers as a gift, and when he walked into the room, the room where the celebrations are held, his eyes appeared a strange picture: the middle of the room has a chic and festive table, the head of which sat himself hero of the day, as the later learns Gennady Light aunt turned sorokpyat, sitting at the table except for Igor (who had already sat down, after he opened the door) four more men and a single woman! Throughout Gene feast his eyes on the birthday girl. Aunt Light almost never for a moment ceased to drink, small glass of vodka first, and then, and brew from the glass tumbler. When the feast began to wane already pretty drunk guests began to sing a song, and Gena Igorёm went to his room to play on the computer.

Two hours later, they ran into the roar of beating utensils. The room was completely empty table, and all that it once was, lying under it, starting with a half-eaten plates of salad ending with a white cloth. By Igor staggering drunk approached his mother patted him on the head and said:

- Go to bed, and you'll be late to school tomorrow! - she said.

- Which school? Tomorrow is Sunday! - I said Igor puzzled.

- I said, go to bed! - His mother said sternly.

- And close the door!

They went into the room and began to lay Igor pastel, Gennady immediately guessed that it would be a continuation of the party, and he longed to take part in all of this. But this was not possible. They went to bed. He lay down on the floor, and Igor on the bed, they still chatted, watched TV, and then Igor turned out the light and turned to the wall and crashing and moaning at the door continued. Judging by the reaction of Igor Thus ends the holiday is not the first time.

Gennady was very interesting what's going on behind the door, he waited for Igor zahrapit, stood up and quietly tiptoed to the door. Carefully opened it, waited until his eyes adjusted to the light, and looked into the hall. There he saw a table on which lay completely naked Aunt Light to throw on the shoulders ebavshego its men on both sides of the table were men myavshie her chest, stroking her stomach and possibly lower, and this time, Aunt Light was engaged in that wanker their half embarking members, trying to regain their standing state. She then took them into his mouth, then oblizavyvala, then leaned against his chest and did it so professionally, as if engaged in this lifetime. The fourth man was just sitting on the couch and watched, he likely could not do anything, or just waiting for their turn. Gennady was so fascinated by the sight that he forgot about the door and opened it too much. Suddenly, he saw a man sitting on a chair looking at the door and started to get up. Gennady left the door, and on tiptoe and ran down the mattress on which he slept, covered himself with a blanket and began to snore. At this time, a man came to the door, made sure that everyone is asleep, closed the door and left.

Gennady was overexcited by what he saw. He lay there, listening to muffled groans and slaps, the creaking of the table and jerked off. Then suddenly it was over. There was the sound fastening shirinok, the clanging of plaque belts, a few minutes later the noise of the door closing and silence. Since Igor is still snoring, Gene emboldened, rose up and opened the door, the room really was no one, only dimly lit room lamp. He entered the room, took a couple of steps and was stunned. On a sofa covered with a blanket on the couch lay the object of his erotic fantasies - Aunt Light. She lay on her back and snoring loudly. He reached up and rubbed her shoulder, checking how much she slept. There was no reaction. Then he shook her even more. Snoring at the time stopped, but resumed snoring a few seconds later. Then Gene completely emboldened and decided not to waste the time and finally realize their fantasies to life. He slowly pulled the blanket down, and now she was lying in front of him completely naked, he could see it, even the most intimate places. A second thought, he gingerly touched her breasts, as there was no reaction, he squeezed his chest stronger, and then with the force squeezed her breasts. Gene decided to take my chances on a hundred percent. He put his hand on her stomach and began to slowly descend to the bottom. Gennady all the time glancing at the woman's face, in the place where he fumbles hand. He did not know really what to do, I found a hole in the crotch and brought his finger back. A member of his already torn out and wanted to get to work. Then he pulled his finger, walked over and picked up both hands to her right leg, picked it up and pulled it's not much to the side. Now vagina mature woman looking into his eyes with a smile split lip. He almost went to her and put my weary waiting for a member of the opposite moist lips and his hands leaning on the sofa, he took a comfortable position, and then gently introduced into the vagina a member of the women and began to fuck her. He was not trying to prolong the pleasure and began with great speed moving member, and the sofa began to creak badly. Then he felt a heaviness comes to his penis and did not even try to get a member, finished right in it. Conchal he long continue to extract and retract member into the vagina. When he finally poured out all that was in it, he got up and holding both hands on the left side, a woman barely turned her on her stomach. But suddenly he heard noises in the bedroom where he slept Igor probably creak woke a sleeping couch companion. Gennady reluctantly covered his "sacrifice" a blanket and went into the bedroom.

- Where have you been? - Said Igor with prosoni.

- I went to the toilet. - Gene said.

- A. - said Igor.

Gene once again looked at the door that separated him and the woman lying on his stomach, took a deep breath and went to bed. And in the morning, he, as if nothing had happened, drank tea with aching "after yesterday's" other mother.

You asked on Monday if I wanted to try a piece of candy. A certain candy, and find out what it tastes like. Do you want to answer? So, about a candy;)

This is not a simple candy, not chocolate, caramel not let this be a candy lollipop. There are candies that are similar to each other and are different, there is candy, packaged in boxes, candy wrappers, they are made immediately in large quantities and is difficult to distinguish one from the other. But like this no more. But the most important thing in her candy taste. After all, there are those whose taste lasts no more than a few seconds, and forgotten. Especially if they themselves offer intrusive advertising and no time for understanding "and whether you want it this?", There is no way to get exactly what you want. But here's a taste of this candy? Since this is the candy, then the path will be, respectively, "he."

Omit all that came before, and fast forward to their dreams at a time when he was already in his hands, when I touch it, I do whatever I want. I povozhu hands, gently, barely touching, most fingertips on its sides, hidden behind a candy wrapper. I feel it, imagine how he is. Then my hands are zavyazochki candy wrappers, first one, loosen it, to slip fingers under the wrapper, lightly teasing. Then another. I shoot him a candy wrapper, he falls to the ground is not required. But it still remained lower wrapper, very thin. Stroked his hands through the wrapper, I know that he feels my touch, want to meet my fingers and toes only. It is so hard. And warmed my hands. I slowly pull off his last candy wrapper, and now it's nothing. I wonder what he is, I imagined it, but now I want to look at it in more detail. I see it, I touch it. I feel how it responds to my touch.

I'm starting to stroke it harder and harder. He is so seductive. I touch it with the tip of the tongue, the very tip, gently spend the entire length. Mmmm: What is it tasty. So you want to take the whole thing in his mouth, but I stretch the pleasure. I stroked his tongue gently vibrating, are the most sensitive spot. That solid tip, the soft tongue, slightly changing movement. Then I start to lick it, taking in her mouth completely, only then releasing and only touching the top. At the same time I'm not helping himself with his hands. So far, so be gentle, because my lips are compressed much softer than the handle. I clench his jaws and move on it up and down, increasing the pace. He enters my mouth completely, touching the throat. Then I begin another stroke of his fingers, squeezing in hand, my tongue in her mouth vibrating touching it. Hand turns compress more I move on it faster and faster movements of the hand fully consistent movements mouth. Sometimes I pull it out of her mouth, to hold her hand over the entire length, and then again to take in her mouth. It becomes even harder than it was, and stiffens the whole, though, it would seem, it is not possible. I feel that it will soon feel the taste of the filling. I'm starting to move faster and feel the warm filling fills my mouth, throwing jolts. I clench his jaws so strongly that he was completely in my her mouth at this point. And gently stroking the tongue. Here it is, what I've waited so long. I feel its taste, real taste. For a few seconds I release it from the mouth to swallow the fact that it is, and then gently caress it, has no passion, there was only tenderness. My touch light like the wings of butterflies, I help him calm down. And then simply hug, very gently, almost touching. And I'd like to hope that it was just as good as me. Well maybe even just a little bit better;)

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