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In the city one of the days in August enters a black Audi. In the car inflated 3 young guy. We call them Andrei, Sergei and Alexei. Behind the wheel of a car, Sergei, a dark-haired beauty, who loves to fuck and subordinate slender guys. Guys especially come in a provincial town near Moscow, to cool off finding a guy. This guy turned out to be me.
I am a slim 23 year old guy, who turned out in 22 hours on the street just in the same place. Before meeting with me guys took such a dialogue. Andrei:"Damn, not a city but a village some sort."
Alexey: "You do not pohuyu? Wait find any simpotnye fag, fuck and get out of here." Then came the conversation carrier: "Take a look, a slender boy goes ..."
At the curb in front of me stopped the car and 2 guys vylaziyut quickly and cram me into the back seat between them.
- Well, dove, caught?
I'm making a desperate attempt to escape, but then getting on the teeth and face, and begin to settle down. The machine travels outside the city and turns into the forest.
Andrew: - Well, Che, dove, Wait will entertain us, and that I and my pals are tired of the way, Wait will make of thee vaflёra..Kak fag and I think you love sucking dick ?!
And he began to unbutton his pants. When I realized that they wanted from me I began desperately to resist, but I was hypnotized member Andrew 20 cm covered in veins with a big prick.
He grabbed me by the neck and pulled her to the member, and said:
- Sidi, fagot, if you behave well, stay alive, if not, then the task is to kick on itself. This was all watched Sergei, squinting slyly and smoking and fondling himself through his jeans and said brazenly and casually:
- Suck his dick good and it will be offended and you will not until tomorrow dozhivёsh !!
While I sucked Andrew, Alex took off my trousers and sharply with 2 swings introduced his penis into me, which was somewhere around 15 cm, but thick. I ached and I almost bit Andrei member, for which he received on litsu.Andrey when I sucked him spit in my face, and Alex beat by half and sharply fucked.
Sergey watching everything from his seat said,
- Relax, man, and have fun Wait cool budet.I became also give me his dick in my mouth turned so that I caught it in turn I began to suck rtom.Ya 2 members, with the very podmahivaya booty. Andrew shouted: - Disperse, and began to finish my litso.Ego sperm flooded the neck and fell on the car seat. Alex pulled my mouth. Serge got out of the car and pulled me and abruptly drove his fighter to me in the ass and began to fuck very quickly, meanwhile, the guys started to piss on my face, getting into the mouth and mother.
Sergei fucked me 5 minutes somewhere, my legs were numb and I started to masturbate himself, we left off at the same time. He forced me to lick his penis and began to piss in his mouth, holding roughly with the neck. Then he said to me:
- Well, you see, dove, nothing terrible has happened, and now go away ....
I threw my clothes and 50 euros, and the car moved off sharply .....
It happened once, but after that I want to repetition and want it in a more rigid form, and with a lot of guys. By itself, a slender, adequate, natural man, not campy and not party-goer.
If someone wants to help bring mine continued, as I do, I write, I will meet with you and I hope that I, you and your friends will get a lot of fun !!!

Summer. Heat. - HOORAY!!! Today, the sea! Together! We and we alone! Some!
In anticipation of the trip, we drank a cup of coffee, comfortably settled in the car and headed for the road. The weather was beautiful, the sun warmed the stronger, but a working air conditioner that heat seemed delightful.
I decided to expose the upper part of the body from the close-fitting top. On my left bra, only covering the nipples and halos. Near You! Such a beautiful, sexy! Your man's strong arms skillfully managed by the wheel. Pancake!!! You excite me! Shooting in the eyes and you notice a mutual desire in your sight, my hand begins to caress your foot, reaching closer and closer to intimate places. All! You can no longer drive a car. Your manhood will escape from the very short right now, and eager hands grabbed my breast. You turn off on the first corner, and to call in "the wilds of wheat." Stop and we throw at each other in a passionate kiss.
You recline your seat back and I can not stop. I tear off your shirt, caressing his mouth around your neck, chest, abdomen ... Sinking lower and lower my tongue does not stop. - I want you! - I want you so much! Your excited to the limit member himself rushed into my mouth, his hands clenching and unclenching only your testicles. I terribly like that in the car little space and you are virtually immune to Me! To feel even more 'mistress' I'm tied his hands above his head. You're trying to enter a member in her mouth deeply, but I try not stack it. You groan of passion and desire, and begged him not to stop. And I really like to play with you. I take "him" in the mouth, tongue playing with the head, and let go. Again, I take and clench their teeth. You issued a wild sounds and try to still push it. But no! I also continue to play with you! My pants are no longer damp and wet. I'm all CURRENT and grief. I do not even have time to take off, simply lay aside sit on you. Backbends one hand I caress her breasts, and the second plays my clitoris. You're not looking at me.
In your view, I understand what you are about to cum and vaginal muscles squeezing so hard that you cried out. And I continue to move up and down, caressing herself. You do not stand up and scream, that now it's over. I get up and sit down dramatically on your mouth. ABOUT!!! How beautiful it is !!! How do you work iskustno tongue !!! Yes! Yes, my good! Go on! Do not stop! Pancake! Hand I masturbate your cock and ... No! Wait! I sit down sharply at you again and we end at the same time, making such a passionate sounds))))) I'm going to kiss you, and your strong male body, which gives me just MIAS fun! I adore you! I untie the hands and feel their touch, their affection. Kaif!
It is possible to continue the path))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

-Vitya! Wake up!
Det voice brought me to my senses.
-What do you always sleep in my classroom?
-Nn Yes .. I do not get enough sleep, Anna E..
-Well, today woke up? Then we continue ...
And she again start something monotone explain. Anne E. additionally engaged with me in biology, was not married and at the same time was the owner of lush breasts and a rather big priests. She dressed always the same - in the open dress, only the colors are different all the time. Bra on it usually was not, and her nipples were barely noticeable through clothing. For several months, she - the object of my sexual fantasies. Especially after that incident, when Anna E. dropped the book and stooped to pick it up, turned with his back to me, and then my eyes appeared long beautiful legs. And sometimes happened in the classroom, I like that thought about it.
-Here we go again! What is wrong with you?
-Nothing, Anna E..
-Yeah, anything. I'll explain, but to what end? You do not teach anything. Here today you have again failed to comply with homework. Why do we engage in walking, if you yourself do not want? From classes to be an expert, and you give me just make money at it.
I vaguely shrugged, trying not to look at her breasts.
-I understand your parents will still force you to go here, so these people, what can you do. I have an idea. Now, wait a minute. - With these words she left.
For the first time in her lesson, I was curious. What have her there for the idea.
-Victor, come here! - Her voice was heard from the audience.
When I went there, she was sitting on the couch, her legs invitingly bright.
-Sit down there. - I sat down.
-I noticed that absolutely every lesson you looking at my chest, on the legs. Do not you blush, do not be ashamed. It's natural, I understand.
She took my hand and put it on his foot. I looked questioningly at her.
-What is really honest, I like you too much.
I slowly began to stroke her leg. She put her hand on my dick, squeeze it through the jeans. Then Anna E. stood up, turned around, threw her leg over my legs and sat on me. I put my right palm on her elastic ass, and we started kissing. I moved one hand on her chest and started massaging through her dress, and the second hand started stroking the buttocks, slowly picking up her skirt. Slide the arm so dress to expose the chest, I looked up from her lips, stared at his chest, caressing tongue dark nipples excited. Hand meanwhile already stroking her crotch through her panties. Anne E. suddenly stood up with me down to the floor, then unbuttoned his pants shiriniku learned from a member. Smacking, she began to suck him, lick, while taking off my pants. She sucked until I finished it right in the mouth.
Then we changed places: prdevaritelno removing the dress, she sat on the sofa, and I'm on the floor. I slowly pulled off her panties and appeared before me her pussy - hot and humid. I began to lick her, then dug his lips in the crotch, trying to get inside the language Anna Evgenyavna. Soon she began to shudder with orgasm. I moved higher again, caressed her breasts, and then we started kissing again. My cock was standing again. Put it to the vagina teacher, I gently introduced it, pulled, introduced again, gradually accelerating. Then we changed our position: it is smeared anus, and I began to fuck her right in the ass. Anne E. moaned louder and louder. Finally, I finished without pulling a member from the backside teacher. Sperm start to run down her legs, and she collected sperm fingers, then licked them. We sat down on the sofa, continuing to caress each other's hands.
-Well, - she said smiling. - How's biology lesson?
-Wonderful, Anna E..
-Now, always be engaged so that you do not mind?
-Of course not.
-Well, you got dick again. - And Anna E. descended once again began to suck ...

David Eyes
You know, when you're only 16, you do not bother about the global problems of the world, you have a circle of friends, their interests and hobbies. You're in my parallel universe where everything revolves only around you, where you're the boss. And, apparently, nothing can destroy the sweet veil of illusion, yet does not start this time ... I used to quietly disappeared in the street all day and studied at muzykalke ... And everything is nothing ... But when the spring comes, and you're only 16 ... I want what -That strange, unearthly ... And this love is called heavenly. Spring, young age - what could be better? And in this I am not alone. Timo, Jan and Linke also blown away.
And yet - the feeling of falling in love pretty darn good. The sensation of flight of the soul, the freedom of thought. To me often become the muse to come. So sings the heart! Basically, with this, our group started. Timo picked up the word and off they'd go. But, we are still very young, where there we ... More work and work. This is how ...
And all because of her ... First love is always bright and never forgotten. And I subscribe under this.
She attended a parallel class, was simply beautiful, there was not a single flaw. Intelligent, gentle, kind, affectionate ... like me in her car and small truck. So simple it does not speak. It should be either unwritten handsome, or have a lot of money ... Alas, neither the one nor the other I did not have ... I does not stand out among the rest, I was a regular guy ... And this is my fault. But ... I know one of its weaknesses. She's head over heels in vtyurilas Timo. It just infuriated me, and at the same time I knew how to take advantage of ...
I'm tired and dead, came home from school. no one was home. Obviously, parents somewhere to pull up. Portfolio slight hand movement is flying into the far corner and predalny-handset appears instantly in hand.
- Hello, call Timo, please.
- Now, David, - on the other end heard the voice of my friend's mother.
- Yes, David - Timo finally crawled to the phone.
- Hello Timo, how are you? What are you doing? - I began to ask the standard questions.
- All beam, David. I eat, can not hear or what?
Indeed, Timo diligently sucking into the tube.
- I noticed already ... You Th doing after school? After all, Friday, and tomorrow the weekend ...
- You know, Davy, I was thinking ... My mother was leaving for the weekend, you have a house at my disposal. Can…
"Timo! Just try! "- Was heard screaming mother.
- Mom, calm down, it's okay. Can I call David to us with an overnight stay?
- His call me. But no one else!
- Well, Mom, - Timo always been able to negotiate with people - Hey, Davy, you're here yet?
- Yes, I've heard everything. Already flying.
- Okay, wait, then all we shall discuss.
I throw the phone and ran climb to his room.
Literally an hour later I was on the verge of Timo. Until his mother was gone, we sat and were playing a video game console with such pressure that I almost broke the best friend, when he lost to him. EPT, like little children! As soon as the front door slammed shut, Timo, as if stung, jumped up from the couch.
- Davie, look, I have a Che! - And he gets out of the closet full bottle of whiskey.
- Where did you get that? - My eyes took a round shape.
- Company's secret!
- And what are you going to do about it?
- Do not you know?
- I do not guess.
- In short, for the gifted - we are alone at home, we have a bottle of whiskey ... - Timo made an ominous pause.
- AND? - I still do not drive, but in my head slipped dumb idea.
- Ah, my friend Oak, you still did not catch up. Inviting Jana Linke, girls, and already there go.
- You is what little girls are going to call?
- Well ... Catherine, Gloria can ... More Nikki ...
I nervously began to pull her hair, because among all the "abundance" heard her name.
- Come on! - With fire in his eyes, I supported.
- We call! - Timo and I went into the next room. A few minutes later he returned.
- Well, how is it?
- Do not drift, David will complete Achtung. Soon will come.
- Yes, I somehow do not bother ... Is that - we zasekut ...
- Do not worry. Nurse far ... What scares you more?
- And the neighbors?
- To hell with them!
- How so? Here Linke right now, and it will swell to brawl.
- Relax, I thought of everything. In the closet of his time!
- Yeah. And instead of the girls - the mop.
- Yeah ... Davie, you crafty ...
- And then!
- And I have an idea ... Why wait for them? Sami nazhremsya okay.
- Frankly, I drink something special this stuff I do not want ... - I made a stunning confession to Timo.
- Zapёsh. How pretty. Everything happens once at the first time.
- Oh, Timo, you straight serpent ...
- Still would! - He snorted and went into the kitchen.
A few seconds later, he returned with glasses in their hands.
- Pour! - He commanded, and he himself began pouring fire water by the glass.
I took the whiskey, brought his to the nose and grimaced.
- How is it possible to fill in yourself?
- And like this! - Timo demonstrated this fascinating process.
Oh, nothing to do ... I know because - Timo will not lag behind, as long as I do not drink ... I had to ...
- Wow, Davy, you're a hammer, I'll tell you.
- Damn, he was here, "the hammer", and marine knot tying me - I croaked.
- This is normal, a couple of cups and let it be.
- I think I have enough.
- No, not enough! - Timo pours new batch - Drink!
Clutching his nose, I finally did it ...
Fear, hope it will not happen again.
- Well?
- While in the order - I had a little slurred.
- Absolutely Fabulous!
- Timo, you're crazy? You already oblique, like a hare.
- While not get plastered in zyuzyu - I will not calm down!
- What Napoleon's plans for you, my friend. And in general - according to the law, we have not allowed that. And if you're caught?
The doorbell rang.
- Davie, shove her chastity to hell - and Timo went to open the door. Before the door, of course, he did not make it, but from the sound of the corridor donёssya crashed vases.
- You Th doing?
- It's okay - Timo lay somewhere behind a dresser.
- Woe to you my onion. I told you ... I'll go myself open.
On the threshold stood welcome our friends - Yang and Linke.
- Zdrassti and the hell big fat fuck you beer?
- So, Timo asked. By the way, where is he?
- Why, lying under the table.
- David, I can hear everything! - Timo throws me sneakers. I, by inertia, reject and "shell" flies in the Jan.
- Fuck, wino beginner, raise, come on!
- But I can, and there are well - Timo grabs the handle drawer cabinet with socks and awkward hand movement dumps its contents on himself.
- Well like wallowing in a pile of dirty socks - the flag in your hands - through fits of laughter gives Linke.
Leaving the drunken vdupel Timo adrift, the three of us proceeded to the living room.
- Davie, and how this drink? - Linke nods in the direction of the corridor.
- Well ... I did not think about three cups. A Th this?
- In principle, nothing. Just need to no longer push him to drink, and that in fact, such a bitch, will begin to brawl.
Ian Linke and drank the rest, and Timo is in "a state of complete nestoyaniya" lay in the corner - there I already zapyanel.
- Rebyayayayat, lift me! - Came the howl of a corridor.
- But figushki, wallow there. Drink less need - burst into laughter Yang.
- Well, I'm a little bit ...
- However, you can not leave it so ... Come on, Timo otskrebёm floor - compassion Linke.
Woozy and slightly wobbly, we still raised Timo and overcoming the haze of mind, sat him on the couch.
- Well. Everyone is here! - Timo staggered and fell "lush Her head" on his knees Linke.
- Oh, baby, come on, keep going! - Whinnied his "partner."
- Ugh, damn it. I thought it was a pillow. Get out of my eyes oblique, you do not excite me, - Timo bounced to the opposite corner of the sofa.
At the door, the phone rang again.
- God forbid mother came - shuhernulsya Yang.
- Relax, I know who it is - Timo raised index finger, a face lying on the pillow.
- ...And Che do? - I gave a voice, stretched at full length on one tiddly chair.
- Che-che ... Open the door! - Linke, apparently, was the most sober of us still able to think at least a little - Go only remove mayhem special from Timo.
Yang most loved purity and only because of his instinct followed Linke. And he did not hesitate, and at the same moment in the front could be heard ringing girlish voice.
- Willkommen, lovely ladies - Linke was always gallant - pass, do not pay attention to Timo, he's already "Readily". All the girls smiled coyly.
"Oh ... and flirtatious coquette. What to take with them? "- I did not the sober conclusions.
- Hello, David - Gloria herself greeted me. I blushed with embarrassment and mumbled something not very intelligible, even though it was not surprising.
- Davie, and Th with Timo? - She continued the conversation.
- Yes ... It ... It ... Went through shorter.
- I'm fine! - Timo gave the first signs of life.
- Well, Arise! - Ian joined us after not very pleasant mini-cleaning.
- SchA will be done! - With the help of Gloria Timo a sitting position, - Thank you.
- But not for that - she gave him a warm smile.
All of it to me, of course, did not like. I plant all the trenchant and trenchant. Although ... Anger was not in relation to Timo, and in relation to himself. Why? Why am I not so beautiful? Why can not I be as bold and arrogant as he is?
To sit and sulk the whole world around us - a usual thing in adolescence. And to wash down his sorrows with two bottles of beer - it was something quite new to me. My "little head intoxicating" visited a brilliant idea - to get drunk and forget. What could be easier?
In the meantime, while I sat and thought his philosophical thoughts, guys dragged table standing in the middle of two sofas and started a very exciting game "spin the bottle."
- Davie, come with us! - Called Linke.
- Well you're going to play in the kisses?
- And what else? - Giggled beautiful half of our company.
- Honestly, I really kiss do not know how ...
- On tomatoes tasted? - Postebalsya Timo.
- Yeah, even on soft toys - I snorted.
- At least until the cucumber is not reached?
- Not happened.
- Anyway, enough waffle, Davie, sit in a circle! - Put the bullet Yang.
- Okay, okay - I rolled my eyes and reluctantly sat down in a circle to the other.
Oh ... How not to spin the bottle - it's like for someone else, but will tell. I was again in the loser. This foolish bottle I did not fall. Though, probably, it's for the best - it was dumb look like suck Linke and Jan ... To me even born the fear that it will be the first time with a guy. Although we're drunk, and in my opinion, everything is already not care - your partner is a boy or a girl.
The long-awaited moment of truth has arrived. Gloria was all. She flick of the wrist caused by a bottle, and made it so fascinating, as if she knew what would happen today. I froze in shock. Fortune finally turned to face me, but not the place, as usual.
She leaned toward me, I did the same. His heart was beating at a furious pace, more in the rhythm of the rain that the whole day today, drumming on the roof. I was afraid ... I was afraid that I have does not work and I again have to go through once shame on my head. But ... my fear was far wrong. Our lips have merged, and in my head as though something clicked ... I have worked on the machine. There was even a feeling that this was not the first, and the hundred and first time ...
- Wow ... - rather cryptically said Gloria after all.
I just blushed and smiled and climbed back on an already long occupied a place on the couch.
- Davie, what are you doing? - Startled Timo.
- I'm over it.
- A pity ... I wanted to kiss you ...
- You'll have time ... More
The boys continued to sow an exciting game, but without me. I sat in a chair, recalled the sweet kiss and only timidly admired her. And yet, as the brief moment of happiness, at least for me ...
The queue reached Timo. By chance, it was the opponentkoy Gloria. For me it was quite surprising ... But what happened in the next moment, I simply dobilo. She lay down under him, as if the army mattress! I could not believe my eyes. Gloria leaned against my friend and ran a hand over his face. This was the last straw. Here I simply could not resist.
- Whore! And I'm fond of you! - I called her and fled to the attic, where I did not see anybody now ... Away from them ...
- David, stop! - Timo tried to stop me, but she turned out to be a prisoner of my love. Yang with a link no longer understands anything or even rushed to stop me.
Strange, but in the attic in an old Timo she stood, panting piano. That is something which I was not expecting to find, so this tool. "Hmm ... I did not know ... did not know ..." - flashed through my head, - "In principle, I know how to deal with it."
Outside, it was dark, the sky overcast and began the most that neither is a storm with thunder and lightning. And I sat and played - only it helped me escape from gloomy thoughts about the first unrequited love. An hour passed ... two ... no one stood up to me. That pig! But still…
The door opened - went Timo.
- David, are you all right?
- And what do you think?
- I do not know…
There was an ominous silence, and only the thunder like a knife cut it.
- Davi ...
I was silent. He stared out the window and played.
- Forgive me…
- What is it?
- I know you love her ... I'm sorry. I could not help myself. She likes me too, but not so much ...
His eyes filled with tears. patience ran out - on the cheek slipped crystal tear, leaving a wet trail behind him. It was the first tear ... I never cried, but now ... My heart ached.
- David, what are you ... crying? - Timo asked shocked.
- No - I sniffed.
- Sorry Sorry sorry! - He was shouting from the surging emotions.
Lightning flashed, and with it, a tear rolled down new.
- Do not be silent! Say that everything is in order. I do not want to lose you because of some stupidity. You are my best friend!
I was silent ... Room nalilas new flare lightning.
- What for? Why are you doing this to me? No need to feel me, - howled Timo.
I interrupted the game:
- This is why you do that? A? You all know very well. Do not play the fool! - I started to yell.
- David ... - a friend came up to me.
- Do not come to me! - I hit him in the face ... For the first time in my life ... Timo bounced on the floor.
- David, do not do that ...
- And you thought what he was doing when he kissed her?
- But it was just a game - Timo himself almost in tears. He sat on the floor, knees tucked. In his eyes it was read clearly regretted what had happened.
- Oh, Timo-Timo ... - I sat down across from him.
- So you forgive me?
- Yes ... Timo, can I ... - My voice trembled.
- What?
- Can I give you a debt that I have stayed with the game?
- What are you? Ah ... Of course you can ...
Feeling the heart was racing, I pressed my lips to the other. They were warm. They were soft. And they parted meet. A shiver ran through my cramped body. The kiss was a gentle kiss was trembling. At some point, I felt a hand Timo in his waist. I relaxed and put his arms around his neck. And even more pressed to his lips. I do not understand myself, because just half an hour ago, I wanted to break into pieces Timo, because he dared to touch the Gloria. But now ... I knew it ... What is this love that means Gloria compared to the fire, which is now underway in me ... And I did not even notice how Timo tongue slipped into my mouth ... He kissed me like I was the most pleasant . And who else could kiss me like that? Barely noticeable touch of tongue, warm lips gently and tenderly wrapped around my lower lip ... Flashed the thought that, perhaps, it should be exciting. But no. Going wild tenderness, chest burned so badly that it was impossible to break away from the lips Timo. Nothing more. Heat ... tenderness. Tenderness, heat ...
And Timo inflame more and more. At first he only lightly patted me on the back, and now his hands gripped me more confident, getting a t-shirt. Timo's lips moved to my neck and I'm only now beginning to feel how it all wrong ... We're best friends, and nothing between us should not be ... Timo still more pressed me to her, his warm lips caressing all available areas of my body. Then I really panicked. No, no, it should not be ... Looking up from Timo, I looked into his bottomless brown eyes and saw the glint of a wild desire in them. I somehow just wanted to express my affection to each other. But only now realized what he wanted from me ... Timo Tenderness ... warm ... Yes, Timo alien to these concepts. We have gone too far, and I knew that now Timo will not stop ...
- Timo - I whispered, making a feeble attempt to escape from his lips, and somehow stop this madness - Timo, what you're doing, stop ...
But Timo did not seem to hear. He grabbed me and dragged me to the piano.
- What do you want to do?
- Now you will see - Timo sat me down at the piano and he climbed on top of him. I could not resist, I was like a puppet in the hands of a skilled puppeteer. Timo turned me on my stomach, and I heard the sound unzips. I knew what was coming, and the feeling of wrongness flooded me. Timo felt beats me shiver.
- Davie, do not be afraid ... Just trust me ... - he whispered in my ear and kissed her neck.
- Aah! - I yelped in surprise. Timo entered into me abruptly and without warning. From the shock, I cringed, causing it groan Timo. In the eyes of the tears came again, but now they were tears of pain ... Physical ...
Timo started to move, slowly, but with increasing pace. I arched and groaned with each of its promotion in me ... moaning in pain ... in my head everything finally exploded, shattering into small pieces and mixed into an incomprehensible mess, consisting of pieces of memories, ideas, thoughts ...
My friend did not stop ... It is on the contrary only entered into courage. Faster and faster, while sweet moaning.
But I could not ... There was a feeling that's about it and tear me to pieces ... The pain, disappointment, misunderstanding ...
And then, finally, Timo published that same groan of pleasure and finished. Like the background sound outside thundered another clap of thunder, and lightning flashed, reflected in his eyes. For that, Timo? For what?
He lay down next to, and I looked at him with tear-stained eyes. The only thing I could do was exhausted whisper:
- Yes, you were right, Timo ... Because really, all at one time is the first time ...
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This story was told to me one is not young, but a very nice woman. After drinking a certain amount of alcohol, she probably wanted someone to share what bothered her soul. Sipping from a nice glass of wine, she studied for a while looking at me, and then suddenly asked:
- Tell me, do you believe in a virtual love?
- I did not get that….
- Yes, okay, do not be a hypocrite. You perfectly understood my question. Do you believe in a virtual love?
- I do not know ... I have experience is not great in this matter. Why do you ask?
- Just ... - she smiled to herself and looked up at me, blue eyes. - Do you believe that the Internet can find the man of her dreams?
I thought ... a huge Internet world is very similar to the real, and if so, what, and why not?
- Probably, it is possible, though I would not seek it.
- I thought so too until then, until you got to the erotic site. There are men .... - She rolled her eyes theatrically, his whole appearance indicating his delight. - Yesterday I met one.
- So how is it? - I asked, more out of politeness than curiosity.
- Excellently. Imagine, after several days of communication, I realized that this guy is exactly what I need. He was gentle, kind, caring. Dream….
I would like to ask why the "dream woman" met with women not in the real world and on the Internet, but I was afraid to offend his new acquaintance.
- We agreed on the date and place of the meeting. I will not tell you how I waited for this hour, worried. You're a woman, and I think, you know ... - I nodded. - On a date, I flew on the wings of love.
- And he justified your hopes?
- He justified - after some hesitation she said, and smiled, not me, not my memories. - I am very worried that as soon as we find ourselves alone, let us be embarrassed, but it was all different. As soon as we met, like a spark he ran between us. He touched my lips, and I felt lost. From my head instantly vanished all thoughts except one.
- I wonder what?
- I realized that I badly want it and I'm completely indifferent to his plans. He said something, joked, where then drove me to a small two-seater car, and I struggled to excite him. The truth is, I did it very gently.
That hand accidentally touch his hand, taking advantage of the fact that it switches the speed, then sit down so that through the slit of my skirt will be seen in my laced stockings leg ....
- For a long time he passed the "erotic torture?
- Not really. As we drove through the city, he remained an ice statue, but as soon as we pulled out into the open, he put his hand to my knee. I felt a deep desire I have stirred up. Hide it, I did not want to, so just spread her legs wider, hinting not to stop. His hand caressed my leg, climbing higher and higher. I also wanted him to caress, but I kept the fact that he operates the machine.
My beloved pulled my panties to the side and began to caress the clitoris. Divine feeling, I tell you. Recline the seat and just aimlessly looking at the flickering landscape outside the window. And his hand keeps his game, makes you mad as long as you do not you start to bleed sap. I was already at its peak, when my Romeo suddenly withdrew his hand and pull over, stop the car clung to me in a passionate kiss. That was the last straw. Letting out a low moan, I came.
- You were okay? - He asked thoughtfully, looking up from my lips
- Highly. - I babbled, burning with shame. For the first time in the life of a man he satisfied me some touches. - Maybe it's what you want?
- I very much want, but not here. Soon we will arrive to the hotel, and while you rest and gain strength.
I no what to do but nod your head in agreement, and wait for when we get to the place.
It took not much time, and soon we were in the room is not large. As soon shut the door behind us, my Romeo, me in his arms.
- I really thought that can not wait for this moment. - He whispered in my ear, his lips caressing my neck. His touch was so gentle and passionate, which again broke the desire in me. - He was ready in the car seat you on his lap ...
- And why did not you? - I asked, one hand caressing his back and the other casually unbuttoning his trousers.
- Once I almost crashed. Since then, I have the law - there is not any games, distractions from the road.
- Commendable, very commendable ... - I murmured, unbuttoning pants zipper and freeing him from captivity excited flesh. He noisily sucked in his breath, and I sank to her knees and held the language of the entire length of the penis. My left hand was to his buttocks and began to gently stroke. I felt goose bumps on his skin. He was burning with desire, and I was just teasing him. My tongue is like the sting, he slid on the head, fell below concerned the testicles and back up to the head.
Romeo began was fixed, apparently fearing to frighten me his passion, but soon gave up and running his hand into my hair, with strength he pressed my head to his trembling with impatience member. I took it into his mouth and began to slowly suck like candy.
His seed was ready to burst out when he suddenly pulled away.
- I do not want to rush. Let's not play a lot.
I sighed with regret thinking that his penis between my legs, would be much more desirable of any game, and smiled.
- Well, let's play.
Romeo threw aside pants and began to take off my clothes slowly. In this case, he was unrivaled master. Velev I stand motionless, he began to caress my lips, ear, then moved on to his neck and began to descend below.
His fingers intertwined with mine, and his lips like a wonderful butterflies fluttered through my body.
Wanting to completely surrender to the wonderful sensations that I gave this man, I closed my eyes and when I opened them, was lying on the bed in the costume of Eve. I wanted to ask him how he managed it, but Romeo motioned me to be quiet.
- Do not the words. Let me talk to our bodies.
I meekly nodded, and he took a towel, lying near the bed and tied my eyes. Then I turned on my back. I tensed involuntarily, not knowing what to expect.
- I want you to relax. I just want to caress your back.
- Why are you tied my eyes?
- Your eyes makes me crazy. If so, and will continue to go on, I just can not stand, and forgetting about everything, controlling your curvy body, and it's not in my plans.
"I wish you did so." Mentally, I whispered to myself, cursing his fantasy and erotic games. Burning neutolёnnogo desire that he so skillfully kindled in me, I dreamed only of how his force poured member enters into me to the ground. My bosom involuntarily reduced, as if catching air, and my lover among those covered every cell of my body to kiss as long as I did not feel that my skin burns like fire.
- This is a real torture. - I pleaded, feeling that no longer able to restrain his desire. - Enter me.
He gave a low moan and hauled me to my knees. One moment, and I felt his steel rod broke in me. One push of the second ...
I bit my lip, I would not scream with pleasure, but Romeo pulled away.
- I hope you do that does not have anti-anal sex.
- No.
He put his hand on my shoulder blade, requiring arch that it is comfortable to master my ass. I tensed, waiting for an unpleasant feeling which usually occurs in me from the beginning, but to my surprise it was not followed. Not that the excitement was too great, not a lover turned out to experienced and gentle, but as soon as his cock went into me, I felt like the world was split into millions ... the brightest particles.
- To what sweet you are. - Donёssya to me as if in a dream, his passionate whisper. - I want you so much…
- I want you too. - Mouthed I said, feeling the aftershocks of his mighty in me the desire to come to life again. This time it was not so shrill, like the last time, and I promised myself that now make him languish passion. On my happiness, Romeo is not long tormented my ass. A few bumps and I felt his love juices spilled into me. A member of such a thick, hard and went limp, hanging limp, slipped out of me.
- I hope I did you not nice - barely catching his breath, asked Romeo, taking off my blindfold and stretching out on the bed.
- Of course not. You gave me indescribable pleasure.
He pulled me to him and kissed her gently. Glancing at his drooping from fatigue manhood, I mentally smiled. Well it's my turn to take you crazy.
- I think it is useful to take a shower. - I murmured, getting up from the bed and mentally imploring the heavens, that would be in this godforsaken place was hot water. A warm shower is not only wash away the trace of anal sex, but also to help a man regain strength.
- Honey, you do not help me wash your back?
He silently stood up and going to the bathroom stall, stopped waiting when I'll give him a washcloth, but it was not in my plans. Picking up a piece of scented soap, I handed it to him.
My Romeo appeared, this time at the height and ordinary soaping very soon turned into a very exciting erotic game. As we once again broke out the passion that ended in a quick but hot act of love.
- You're driving me crazy. - Passionately he whispered, I spitted on his rampant cock right in the shower. - I want you stronger and stronger.
- Then, perhaps, we will come back to bed?
He nodded his head and, in a moment I was lying on white sheets, and my lover hung over me, licking my nipples with water droplets. Bearing in mind how my body responds to his caresses, I decided this time not to allow him to drive me crazy.
- You're a wonderful lover, but I want something different ....
- And what do you want?
- I want to play with your body, the way you played with mine. You have only to give the word that as long as I will not let you not povernёshsya in my direction, which I did not.
- Good.
I turned him on his stomach, but instead, that would take up the erotic game, learned from her purse a few grapes that are left of the modest breakfast, which took to the road. Man uncomfortably impatience or interest, but not broken his word and did not turn his head, and I sat on top of him and began to slowly lick his back.
My tongue slid along his shoulder blades, sinking lower and lower. When I got to his waist, he was completely relaxed. When he saw that his body was full of my hands, I took the grapes and squeezed the juice into the valley between his buttocks. Romeo shook, and I kept her a sophisticated erotic torture. My tongue is slowly but surely approaching its anus.
The man arched up to meet me and spread his legs. That's what I had. Paid not much attention to this hole, I began to lick the bridle. A couple of minutes, and Romeo began to choke on desires.
- I can not anymore. - He pleaded. - Let's not much to cool down, or I will not be able to restrain himself.
- Well, for that you fulfill my little whim.
- Anything…
He turned onto his back, and I sat on him, spreading her legs to the side and put himself into the vagina a few berries.
- Get them without using their hands.
I knew that the sight of my wet folds excitement finally will drive him crazy. Letting out a low moan, Romeo crushed me under him and parted wider legs, pressed his lips to my burrow. He sucked berry, and then pushed her tongue back, that would remove the next moment ...
Suddenly purse my new friend cell phone rang.
- Well, it seems I have to go. - She smiled, making disgruntled mine. - Fans haunt. Thank you, that was my company and listened. Till.
- Till. - I whispered, looking after her. Surprisingly, the story did not leave me indifferent. Somewhere in the depths emerged a spark of desire that flared brighter from a glance at the men. Mentally cursing everything in the world, I dialed the mobile phone number and whispered:
- I want you……

Parrot Chronicles (has nothing to do with the story, just the first thing that came to mind).
When I saw her for the first time, I was still in kindergarten looking at her still very childish eyes, I realized that I fell in love with her strong and hopeless at first sight.
The trouble was that she completely ignored me. In five years my mother worked with her uncle on a joint project to work, and sometimes we come to them.
The girl I loved living with my grandmother, I do not know why, her uncle lived in the same place. Her uncle, Michael allowed me to play in his computer,
the first time I rushed to celebrate, at 9 o'clock in the lehr still asleep. I sat down to play as Uncle Misha went somewhere. Half an hour later I looked to Teller,
sleepy blond woman with disheveled hair in shorts and a T-shirt standing in front of me, ehh beauty. I was pleased probably from the fact that she finally drew attention to me (Well here is not applied).
She went to wash, after back and watched me play. For two years, I met her at the school came after school and even would sit up late, it was a wonderful time.
But one day everything changed, she invited me to stay the night when everyone had left, no one thought that the mind of a ten-year girl. She invited me to sleep with her, but I refused.
Everything has changed too quickly, it just started to ignore me, but now I do not regret that time refused, as it turned out that she's just a slut, it turned out that a couple of years after that, she sucked in dvoyurdnogo brother for money. Well, I'm two years heartbroken lived in depression.
Two years after she left me when I was twelve, I first evaluate the merits of the alcohol,
then I realized that even a lot of the joys of life, and once again became interested in girls. I went to camp with his Druganov which is a year older than me.
There I met a girl named Maria, on the first day, I realized that she likes me very much, and at the end of the same day she came and said,
-Sorry but the two weeks of camp is all that we have.
-then we will not waste time -perfect I casually replied.
On the second day when we went to the beach (this camp on the Black Sea), I sunbathed. I closed my eyes a cap lying on his back, I felt that the sun is shining in my eyes,
and then suddenly the heat is transferred to my lips. I opened my eyes and saw the face of mashki she pulled away and said, "you are beautiful"Suddenly my heart I felt the heat, I took her hand and led to the sea.
After a long bath we went to the shore, and then played cards for a long time and never went swimming. during the week we were walking, talking, kissing and dancing at a disco.
When there were only three days before departure, the three of us are not little drunk (I and my friend Masha), and Masha wanted to disco, and I decided to stay in the room.
At the disco, she went alone, half an hour later, I still went to Masha, but she was not there. I'm a little choo-sat on the bench and then decided to go for house cast, then I heard strange sounds and went to them,
I saw my girl undressed and kissed three guys, I saw how she struggled and tried to scream but one of the guys kept her mouth shut.
In general, when I went up the oldest of them (at least in appearance) took out a knife and sat down, saying, "Look here" he was going to cut Mashkin bra. I fled kicked his fucking,
and judging by the screams even managed to break his nose. The second kid (probably my age at the time) also took out a knife and approached me. He namahnulsya rezanut and tried me with a knife twice.
Both blow fell on my right hand when I put the unit out of anger I hit him in the kidney. Zagnuvshis he walked behind me and put a knife to my throat,
I grabbed his hand and began to slowly remove the knife from his neck, but do not know how I pulled out his knife as a result of badly cut his four fingers. All three are gone and I spent Masha to her room.
The next day when she sobered up, we had hardly seen each other, but in the evening when I stupidly climbed on the phone because they do not want to go to the disco came to me Masha,
and said that there is little time left, and she thanked me for yesterday. Others came gently to roll pizdyuley (although it was not easy), something he would have gone somewhere poshatatsya,
Masha and lay down on my bed and started to undress. I lay down on her and began to kiss her on the lips, nose, cheeks in. Then I slowly began kissing her neck.
Finally I got to her lovely breasts, I bit her left nipple, then began to suck on the right, she moaned softly. I reached a hand into her panties and middle finger began to stroke her clitoris. She ran down and I realized that we should not pull more,
I got a little dick and stroked the head of her labia gently pressed, barely entered the end of the penis and I felt the hymen. I am once again convinced that it agreed with the loss of virginity and introduced to the entire member.
She cried out in pain, I began to suck on her right nipple and slowly move inside her, gradually the cries of pain turned to moans of pleasure, I began to move faster and felt that is about to finish, I took out the cock and cumshot on her chest.
We have for a long time they had sex, and in the morning she went to her room. Before his departure, we have not seen it. But the kids I met, they still have a small otpizdili, for what I have prevented them from rape Masha.
When we left the camp to train her little brother ran to our platskart she came to him in her nightie, she leaned something to take him in her arms, and her nightie drooping and all our platskarte had seen her breasts,
Then I realized how I had fun with it, but it was all over. When the summer was over I was thirteen, and I went to 7th grade, one of the lessons to me on one lesson hoisted Julia, the beauty in our class with large breasts.
After about 5 minutes of the lesson, I slowly put her hand on his knee, his hand raised above, I began to gently stroke her leg.
I made sure that she did not mind what I do, and raised his hand above,
button unbuttoned her jeans, I began to stroke her pussy through the panties, but she suddenly raised her hand and asked to change seats, to the end of high school, I was depressed, but then suddenly nigadano she said to my home.
She began to question exactly what I wanted to do with it at school, I hesitated for a long time, she said, noting it "Getting here come because it is better to do, is not it?".
Not believing in happiness, I began to kiss her neck between the lifting her off her blouse, then I noticed that under her blouse she wore nothing special.
I kissed her left nipple and began to suck him quietly, she pushed me on the bed, pulled off my school pants and pulled out my boyfriend. "It seems a long time before it comes to something that, well, right now I'm alive he will explain everything" she said to me and began to lick my balls, my cock stood like a stake, and then she began to suck strongly (as if for the last time), moving his head quickly. I finished it vrot, she swallowed everything. I wanted to continue, but then she said, "Well, perhaps I'll go, because pleasing you I did, and I still want to be a virgin"
She went over and I was nothing to her. Later, I met with many more girls, but sex with them at me and it was not, then when I was already 14, I met another girl, which go together to school in a foreign, she told me madly in love,
and maybe I told her, too, for the new year, I'm very drunk, immediately after the feast with my family, I went out and met friends vyhrenachil half a bottle of champagne and a bubble of vodka. Half an hour later I met a classmate, and it was very expensive cognac,
Brandy was only half the bottle. He said to drink it anyway Vanesa cognac and Vanes, meanwhile, went to the store, I was not thinking about the consequences of drunk all the brandy that was.
Vanes ... was just furious (though maybe not, I do not remember much)
I had to give him two hundred on the spot, but the drunk on the drum. After about two minutes after that I was in the store, I was approached by a girl called by name and asked if I wanted to kiss her, I said spyanu "choose where on the lips or the cheek".
she said in cheek of course, Che something like Greetings from each other (have never congratulated beautiful girls with a kiss on the cheek), I wanted to kiss her on the lips, but I kissed her on the cheek (but why ?! She was drunk and forgot WOULD why I do not do this).
And still kiss her on the cheek was even nicer than the other girls kissing on the lips, for some reason, I always want to see her smile, and did not want to see her sad, as I have always said to each one,
in our age of stupid to say that if you love the girl never even met her, you just like to say, but it seems I still love but navryatli anything will come of this, as I do not drink I'm very modest.

I'll start with the fact that all immena fictional. Let me name will be Marina and my boyfriend Vitali.
So we lay under a blanket by the time we were sleeping without panties. My grandmother cooked us breakfast in the kitchen. I lay there and looked at the Vitale, he slept like an angel his well built body beckoned me. I wanted to wake him up but I knew that he would mutter that I did not let him sleep. I lay there and looked at his hands and pumped up torso very beautiful, I wanted to look at his penis.
Yes, just so despite the fact that I had almost a year and a half not a girl but a man's penis, I had only seen in porn movies. I pulled the blanket and began to consider. At first I was looking at the lower abdomen, I still like the place where the bulge pelvic bones and between them hump of muscle in men with a sporty physique often this form of the lower abdomen. In general my guy naked is similar to Apollo and his cock in unprofitable state similar to Apollo's body.
When I began to look at his body of my hands went to his course before I touched a member of his hands, but did not see him. I touched only when helping male organ to get into my cave in difficult situations. I watched with interest and push back the foreskin, by my actions, first the little prince woke up and then his master. Vitaly looked at me with a questioning look, and could not understand what I do. Then I said: "Do not look at me!" and with a head he climbed under the covers.
I had nowhere to retreat and little prince (I literally not that he and a small 18,5sm) were alone. I was wondering what it tastes like an elastic head was poured apple and some holes had a small transparent drop of its lubrication. The trunk was hard and hot, I took the head in his mouth and began to drive it around the tongue, I though this practice I still was not theory but from magazines and porn rife.
I did not know how to react to this Acne, but I understood his approval when she felt like one of his hand gently stroking my shoulder and the other lifts the blanket from my face. I started slowly, then a little faster to slide over his cock up and down. He began to swell in my mouth, I realized that my beloved is now finish. A member of my mouth and began to throb like a volcano spewing hot sticky salty sperm, I looked up and saw that Acne is looking at me.
I made a stupid funny face bent back and it seemed to me discreetly spit out semen on the sheets at his feet.
Then I stretched out next to my beloved and embraced him, he kissed me (weird I thought perhaps after a guy kiss the girls on the lips). I was wondering if he liked me right after I was tempted to ask:
- Zaya, you liked it?
- Yes baby.
- and you to me someone made a blowjob?
- no.
- you are my first one I did it. and do not dumb me after that kiss?
- Of course not as I may be dumb kissing his favorite, especially after she made me such a gift.
Then we got thrust into robes climbed onto the sill and smoked out the window. Then again formed, include a TV set, we did not, it would be a kind of signal that we are not busy and we can be bothered then it would be my grandmother would start calling us for breakfast. The street was holdno, and after opening the vents was cold at home, I took off her gown was covered with a blanket and snuggled against Vitale. He hugged me and began to kiss the first person and then the neck, chest, and then he dropped his hand and began to touch my girl she flowed more from the time when I studied his body with his mouth.
Acne lay on top and began to enter into me he clearly teased me he entered not completely, he sank into me just a head and then went out and repeated his actions again, and then he began to rhythmically but not quick peck me like a jackhammer, he beat the head cervix my vagina began to decline, and I groan cum then we decided to change and I was on top. In general, I really like when I'm on top I like some guys do when a person get pleasure during sex.
It is only in porn guys do a horse's face and scream, but in fact all of my guys (them I had three) make a blissful face, like a cat who stroked his neck, his eyes closed, they wrinkle the forehead and the nose slightly open mouth and deliquescent smile moaning and pants. I started slowly, then the body bent back and rubbed it revolved in circles simply rubbing the uterus of the penis.
I straightened Acne held my hips and asked his pace, we began to accelerate. I finished. Acne abruptly withdrew me from her body sat just below and began to finish, I bent down and took his cum in her mouth this time swallowed all the sperm.
We have a little lie, then dressed and went to breakfast.

That's how you live yourself and have no idea what there is a wonderful service - "Pizza to order." Filling the "pizza" is particularly refined, so to speak for everyone. You make an order, it is possible and on the phone. But if this service is new to you, and it is not a burden to call the office. Helpful staff, comfortable desk, colorful catalogs, a cup of coffee with croissants on the house, as long as you choose the "stuffing."
Who will bring a pizza, I did not care, even though the black Mexican, and those and others, we must pay tribute, great buttocks. But stuffing I accentuated attention. Today I did a day off - a call to a busy work and personal business impact. The whole morning was dedicated to recreation and sports, so that the coming of the pizza delivery to devote himself to tasting. When the doorbell rang, I was just out of the shower. Throwing robe, I opened the door.
On the threshold stood a swarthy man in uniform. Apparently the boy had Mexican roots, I thought, looking at him. Brown eyes, black hair, olive skin, sensual lips. Then my gaze shifted to his hands. He held bright box. My order.
- Come on! - And I nodded toward the dining room, saying to himself, that his hands are very beautiful shape. However, passing the boy forward, all my attention was focused on his ass.
- Stay quiet! - Whisper sounded like an order, convincing, and did not cause the slightest desire to disobey. One hand is slightly pushed in the back, causing bend forward, and the second for farming squeezed right buttock.
The boy caved in, ottopyrivaya ass, and I could not resist and started to massage it actively. Pleasure covered my head, I gave free rein to their desires - what can I do with this boy. And I did not raise sentiments - I wanted more - right here and now - and I imagine this is not going to give up.
I clung to him all over, gently rubbed her breasts and pubis. The kid responded noisy breath of their young lungs and slightly strained teats. Last, I would assert with all confidence, as was, clasping his hands, and, of course, not without cause - the buttons of his nipples sticking out through my diligence. Twisting them, I may even hurt.
With an excited man can do anything. Running a hand through his thick, wavy hair, I pulled his head to himself. With his head thrown back in an uncomfortable position, he probably felt insecure. Exactly what is needed. Mistress of the situation I was. Besides all costs paid.
- Take off your clothes!
It seems, my dear pizza boy could not believe what he heard. He looked at me as if expecting me to say it was a joke. And whom they only take on this work, a little annoyed, I thought. A penny - get into the boxfish.
- Well, quick! - And as he continued to stare at me, I gave him a slap in the face. Eyes closed Man languishing. Yes, he's still in the topic! Then it was not clear why he bristle. Wanting to show him who's in charge here, I continued to keep his hair, holding in an awkward position. Glancing at me over his shoulder apprehensively, he still pulled off his pants. It was nice to discover there a tiny thong, somehow red. To remove the shirt he took more time, I think, that all his thoughts were for the future.
- Well you vozishsya, rubbish! - Here, I could not resist and hit the boy's buttocks. The sound was so resounding that wanted to spank him as follows.
I was filled with so much strong emotion and aggression was not in last place. I wanted to scream, growl, moan, I hear the same sounds from the boy. I wanted to make a painful and pleasant at the same time. And as long as my hand is not tired, I went on strike, then one, then the other buttock.
Five fingers are no longer printed on the skin - this, all so wonderful and elastic ass was red. Finally, I'm tired. And tenderness awoke in me. Raged earlier feeling more settled, and some tranquility replaces aggression.
- Look at me! - I turned his face to him, so it was probably in his uncomfortable position.
The boy's eyes pleadingly looked like that to myself, I decided that I would not get too cruel. In general, he gave the impression of a naive and pure young man. It's strange.
- Relax! - I told him, to which he smiled and again, come here!
I let go of his hair, are pleasant to the touch, walked, and sat down in a comfortable chair and stretched out her legs, nod beckoning to him. As he walked up to me, in his mind, apparently, to bring lots of options for further developments. But, seeing my look, and remembering his poor ass (in this case, he winced, perhaps the skin was still burning after the attacks), he dropped to his knees and raised his head in silent question, "I did the right thing?"
I raised my hand to straighten the hair, he closed his eyes, waiting for the strike. Funk on beautiful manly face. It was delightful to watch him, man, afraid of me, a woman. After all, any teenager can easily offend me. Physical strength. But it is against the spirit of strength, the strength of determination?
As a natural bent his head to my feet. I did not need to force it to do so. Beautiful female legs absolutely all men cause one wish - to admire, even at a distance, to touch them, and not all are aware that they want more - worship. My dear peddler pizza was gentle and tender lips.
His touch worried, so light, pleasant and weightless. Touching my skin, his hands seemed not just caressed, they idolized. Kissing the fingers on his feet, he launched his nimble tongue between them, causing my new attacks groans. Finding such a sensitive place, the guy started to improvise, then spend it with your fingers, gently pushing on the area, which is touching my lips flew muffled sigh, then up again indulged language.
And it bends my body in a paroxysm of shivering, wonderful harbinger of orgasm.
I bit her lips. Our eyes met often, and what he saw there seemed to inspire him to new experiments. His eyes distracted me from my own sensations.
- Close eyes! - I ordered, but the boy peeping, I noticed, when pulled out from the pocket of her dressing gown clothespins, lost there since the last time I shalila. I brought the clip to his pacifier - coward moved aside. This wonderful a button has an amazing ability to give a male member of a distinct erection.
Right there, in the dining room, I held the rope in one of the lower drawers. Taking a long skein, I tied his hands behind his back at the elbows, and then in the wrists. I thinking decided to tie and legs above the knees. Easy push - and he could not keep his balance and fell to the floor, looking at me with anticipation and some trepidation.
Be connected - be it owned. Of course, wonderful, when a slave obeys and performs all my orders, but ... Rab will always know that at any time can get out of the themes of the game. Oh, how very different feeling helpless. At least for me - it is. In a state of helplessness feeling increased tenfold! Fear and excitement, submission and despair.
Hearing the troubled breathing boy strained to see his body at attention, aware of his helplessness and understand - he absolutely belongs to me, and nothing can change that. Only I, delicate and graceful woman can decide how long he will remain connected and in what position. To see a fully subservient to the will of my man - well, is not it worth it to spend on bondage ten minutes ?!
I took a candle and set fire to it.
Minute gone out to the melted wax was enough. The boy watched with interest already. According to him, apparently, the candle did not represent any danger .... For the first drops made him squirm and change his flippant attitude to such an innocent-looking object - a candle. Funny kid. To me it does not interfere with, and even more so, in order not to deviate from dripping wax, I pressed his foot to the floor.
The boy bit his lip plump, and it was evident that he struggled to endure. Light, subtle moans frustrated from time to time. But he endured. As well, he was silent and did not ask for mercy - it would not be. And he knew it. What a clever boy! It hurts, I know it hurts, and it has opened us new sensations. Now it is his eyes never left me for a moment, it seemed he did not want to miss anything of the miracles that dropped him to experience today. His pupils narrowed, widened my vice versa. I knew it for sure ...
After freeing the boy from the shackles, I let him lie on the floor. He deserved the rest. Setting foot right on the causal place, I have to press and watch the reaction. Not for the one that was in his sweet panties, and the reaction of the organism as a whole. He already knew that soon I'll let him finish, and now he just came desire to obtain satisfaction. Having hooked a foot in front of his thong, I pulled them aside and began to play with a member, periodically slapping his leg. He winced funny, and it turns me on even more. His lips barely audible whisper,
- You are welcome…
I continue to play, lightly holding his foot on his erection.
- I ask you, oh, please ...
And then put the leg on his face, I was allowed to masturbate. Soon me this was not enough, and I told him to open his mouth and plunged directly into the stack eagerly disclosed sponge,
- Suck baby, and faster, faster Fingering, come on! - He commanded me, and then he began to masturbate vigorously. And a minute later he was ready to be discharged.
- Yes, now you can finish! - Allowed me, almost shouting the words. I was impressed. Still, we have been involved in this wonderful game!
Kid finished safely.
- Oh, it's not good - I scolded him, he smiled in response.
- Slizhov!
The boy could not believe what he heard, but to resist, he had no strength. And since almost all the sperm was in his hand, and then it was just a lick. While I have the floor is always clean.
I tried not to miss a single moment. Slim is a humiliation - to force a man to lick his own sperm. He slightly opened mouth. For a moment froze. It has been seen that internally he resists but can not disobey, because had the power and desire in my voice. This duality was tearing it. His being sought to obedience, and his mind kept saying. All thoughts were written on his face, and when he has overcome the internal barrier is bringing his hand to his mouth with sperm, he looked with a mixture of pride and call me straight in the eye ...
As soon as the boy closed the door, I did not even have time to sweet stretch, lying on the couch in the living room, as the bell rang. On the threshold stood peddler pizza.
- Pizza to order! Filling attached! - And peddler looked at me pointedly. At the opening of the gate, I saw uniforms collar. Without saying a word, I went into the dining room where the table and lay there not dealt with a pizza box. That pizza! But the address of the house was another.
October 2007

For a long time it was night, but sleep did not go to it - too many thoughts to sleep. It is simply impossible to sleep, because he stands in front of his eyes ...
loud sound brought her out of her reverie and drew the attention of
Banged open window and the cold wind rushed into the room, and with it, and the night sounds of the city. As if some unseen force pushed her to the flung-open window. So I wanted to breathe deeply clean and fresh air ...
She was standing on the windowsill. The wind is so nice obveval and caressed her skin, cooling it. She stood and enjoyed the touch of the night.
Suddenly, a strange impulse prompted her to look down. The sight terrified her, she saw the terrible monsters from the past, opened his mouth and wants to absorb it. This monster wants her body, her soul, her heart ... all ...
Unexpected and uninvited memories noisy stream hit somewhere from the depths of a past life, and covered it with his head. Turbid veil clouded eyes, and in my head spun a string of dark thoughts.
She closed her eyes and could make out her hot whisper:
--, I do not want this net..ya
Here are just a useless fight. The gap, razverzshayasya at her feet so attracted to him. Under the pressure of the demonic forces will to live gradually weakened and the desire to resist it left. if she had not been able to resist his desires. How, then, she fought with them, but they were stronger.
The outcome of this unequal fight was a foregone conclusion, and alas, the winner of it I can not get out.
I have a sister, she is a bit older than me. I went to visit her and sat with her for a long time in the kitchen, drinking coffee, and we talked about any chёm.Tolko very frequent were these visits. Why do I go to her? She's my sister, and like with anyone pootkrovennichat, especially in early childhood she was closer to me the rest of my sisters, and friends. I myself thought so once. I chatted and laughed merrily, and actually waited and hoped.
Now you will hear the call and at the threshold will be Andrew, he smiles to me its so incomprehensible to me with a smile and say:"Hi".
Only very rarely this is my sanctuary and most secret wishes come true. But sometimes he still came, sat down beside him and started to have fun about anything to tell or ask me. I was always so careless, I was so no matter what he says. I wanted only to see his eyes, hear his voice. Thoughts are always confused and huddled in front of him, and I could hardly tie a couple of words, but my heart was beating furiously, and exulted, feeling the proximity of a loved one.
One summer we went to rest together. I was having fun, all day I splashed in the water and sunbathing on the warm sand. In the evening I went to a deserted beach and looking at splashing wave that broke on my feet.
He was stunningly beautiful. And, perhaps, I'm just seemed. Now, with his eyes closed, I can not see it. His appearance was erased from my memory. But I remember his eyes. The eyes of a predator who would not let their sacrifice. Dangerous look ...
I sat on a swing. Until I heard voices and the noise of departing vehicles. It seems we all gathered and went to the nightclub goes again, I was alone. I tilted her head and stared at the fading sky. What a riot of colors! But the stars were lit and the endless black sky stretched above me.
I got up and went, I do not know where. Legs led me to his room. I stopped and stood in the doorway. It was dark, around darkness and black clumps floating on the night air around me. Suddenly in front of me it appeared a black silhouette. Fear gripped me, because I thought no one. After everyone had left. The cold seemed to penetrate into the soul. It seems he felt my fear. Suddenly I felt his warm hand on her cheek. His finger slid a trembling lower lip. It seemed as if the wind itself stroking and caressing me.
-- Just do not be afraid - suddenly whispered to me painfully familiar voice - come to me This is not an order. I'm free to decide all by itself. At the head of the confusion of thoughts, I find it difficult to understand them. Want to get away, get away, to escape. After all, this is it ...
I'm standing on the edge of the abyss and face kicking stones down, but do not dare to look. But the black depth of thought and feeling of drowning in the darkness of eternal darkness, pulling me so that I overpower yourself and throw a glance down. Break away I can not. I look down: it is infinite and fathomless as the happiness and peace that it can give.
-- One step and you're on top of the world. Only one step --shepchet a voice and I step. The land goes from under the feet ...
Gentle hands closed around me and pulled into the darkness of the room. His imperious lips on my lips. Nobody ever kissed me like that. My mind is slowly leaving me and a strange force before the desire to cover my whole body. He pulls me to him and I feel ... I just now realized that there is no wear. I physically feel his body fire, shimmering in the mine. His kiss is becoming more demanding and somewhat rough, but I like it. I need his rudeness, I want to feel his power over me and my body.
His hands stroked me. One hand holds my waist and the other slides on my back, stroking me. He breaks off and begins to cover me quick kiss lingered down to the neck. I'm choking on my desire engulfed. Groans it seems pulled from the depths of my soul. He caressed my breasts, coats the skin with kisses. Glides on her tongue, I can no longer think I want it and I can only moan all stronger against him. He unzips my skirt and removes it. I stay in front of him in some very small shorts. He penetrates the edge of her panties and slowly begins to pull with me my last defense. His lips covered with hot kisses exposes every centimeter of skin. Pants fell to the floor and throws them into the leg side. I can not wait to continue his caresses.
He gets up on his knees, and his hands fall on half my tender ass, slightly squeezing them with your fingers.
I feel his tongue deliberately slowly sliding along my bosom. He slowly pushes sponges and penetrates. I'm losing a sense of reality, and I do not feel anything, just great fun, but I want more. Yet! I still strongly pressed him, and so greedy and voracious mouth ...
He gets up. I encircles his neck and clung to him all over, shit merge them together. His face was so close that I can not resist the temptation to kiss him. Gently touch his lips to his lips and feel your taste.
My back touched the cool polish of the table. This cool so contrasts with the fire inside me. His hot palm stroking my thighs. He leans over to me and our lips again merged in a hot kiss. He lifts my legs and puts his shoulders. His hands fall on my ass and lifted me to meet his request. Nothing around us in the whole world. Only we fused together and fused our moans in a love song.
I disappear, I feel like dissolving in the man she loved. Space and time no longer exists. Unusual feeling of flight is fully grasps me ..
I am flying .... It's a great feeling. Enjoying envelops me and I splashing his air jets. There is nothing, only darkness around. I had wings, I like large and beautiful bird. But I'm not a bird and fly not upwards and downwards - into the abyss, his craving for slack-jaws to swallow me forever ...
It is time to leave. Soon the plane, but why -So I see his look of contempt, a converted me. He comes up to me with a strange smile on his lips. He bites his lips to the delicate skin on my neck, like a burn stigma. Bright stigma owner: " See all - it's my prey". That's my last memory of him ...
This is not a flight - this fall, only a pathetic illusion of flight, and had its logical conclusion. Only I is not scared. His eyes - so dangerous - I see them again. Abyss, the bottom of which is burning bright-golden flame. I can see how it flared brighter and brighter. Here it is again flashed, blinding its light and extinguished forever.

Summer. The village on the banks of the river. A couple of middle-aged in a house near the water. And so ... the curtain ...
My wife froze standing knee-deep in water, and shyly covering the one hand their large breasts and the other trying to close the crotch and bottom of the tummy. Fishermen sailed even closer. The Little Mermaid - turned to her one - you were so scared, we should not be afraid. Their boat stopped a meter away from my wife. And you krasotulechka - said the other, eyeing my wife appraisingly - and sisechki lyazhechki tremendous and that it is necessary.
From such a compliment wife blushed even more and tried harder to cover protruding from under the hand of its whitish hemisphere titek. Well, do not be shy, show yourself to us - said the third, pulling from his pocket a mobile phone and starting to take his wife to the built-in camera. Oh, well, it is not necessary - finally spoke up, my wife - do not, please - she said helplessly. It is necessary, necessary - fun said one of the fishermen, deftly jumping into the water and coming up to my wife. Photo for memory - he smiled, thriftily cupping her ass and getting up close to her. His wife tried to lower to lower his head, apparently that person did not get the shot - well, it is not necessary - she plaintively squeaked.
Fisher, meanwhile, full fingered her ass, Namin palm naked chubby buttocks of my wife. What a cool ass - he said, turning to his companions - a soft such supple, just super - he lightly slapped his wife on the buttocks, making her ass downloaded. See how potryasyvaetsya - he grinned weighing the new slack slap on her buttocks. Oh Milan - said the fisherman with aspiration - what do you vkusnuypirogek - he grabbed her from behind and under the belly lightly lifted. My wife just swung his arms to the side trying to keep his balance, and thus revealing their nakedness.
Putting his wife back to her feet, a fisherman was in no hurry to clean hands and cautiously oglazhivaet my wife on the sides and thighs. She regained her hands on her charms, diligently to protect herself from the camera clicks. Let your ass sfotkatsya - fun proposed fisherman and carefully pull it out under the belly began to turn my wife. She meekly obeyed and turned her back to the boat.
Men in a boat whistle - oops, what the priest - they talked excitedly, his eyes devouring the delicious roundness Natasha priests. Fisherman supporting my wife with one hand under the belly, the second was the Iron-on transfer her bare ass, Promin yielding flesh. Come TILT bit - asked the operator - a little man with a mobile phone. Fisherman just pressed his hand against the back of my wife, and she obediently leaned forward slightly, thereby thrusting his plump ass.
Natasha continued to palm to cover the bottom of the abdomen, and is now trying to hold the second hand hanging down under the weight of its own massive tits. The man, still oglazhivaet her buttocks, all paid more attention to separating them hollow, leaving there a long time, trying to hold her palm on her edge, plunging it deeper between lush halves Natasha's ass. Gradually, his strokes became more and more insistent, my wife threw over her shoulder at him startled look mixed with shame. I realized that he was simply stroking wife fingers on the vagina.
Pretty, well, do not be shy - he said the second man of the boats - well, show us. Natasha was again turned to face the boat and a fisherman standing next oglazhivaet her back and hips. Just remove the mobile phone - apparently internally something daring, Natasha said. But why - feigned hurt said the owner of the phone. Oh, krasotulechka our married - said a second, apparently noticing her hand concealing pussy wedding ring - so we do not show the photo to her husband - he continued - we train so much for myself, reminisce cold winter evenings - he said playfully. No, well, clean - I asked Natasha, she was always very shy, it seems we do not even have me any pictures of her in a swimsuit though we regularly went to rest, but she never posed undressed.
Krasotulechka Well, well, well - seeing it not strong resistance, a fisherman standing nearby began to quietly push her hands away from the body. Well, it is not necessary - as it is doomed said Natasha, however, allowing the man to remove his hands from the intimate places. Natasha dutifully lowered her hands at his sides, appeared before men completely naked, blush flooded her face, she carefully looked at the water. Well, quite a different matter - elated rattled peasants. So smile, krasotulechka, do not frown - they cheered her. Wife somehow hesitantly smiled briefly looked at the men. Here, here - they picked up - so, so.
Deciding that perhaps should have to interrupt this action, I took a stone and threw it into the distant bushes. The branches rustled, attracting the attention of all. Oh, maybe your husband is - said the fisherman - well, then we will not you compromise - he finally hug my wife, and his hands and walked to the pope and the tummy and even a chest of my wife. Do not be sad, I'll see - he said cheerfully finally, also famously climbing back into the boat. And their boat began to flourish removed from the creek and within seconds disappeared behind the reeds.
I naturally did not tell his wife about what he saw, and she also did not tell me anything. But it seems that she even liked it, because she has not stopped its procedure for washing directly into the lake, on the grounds that it makes no sense to carry water to the bath. And the chance to get acquainted with these couple of days fishermen me. They visited all houses, selling their catch is fresh and sun-dried. We got to talking, they invited me to go fishing, in general, we became friends a little, when my wife looked out to see that I took so long to come back, she looked down, embarrassed to hear those same fishermen.
Guys do not mind and filed, apparently they knew before that a house near the face, probably this explains their loyalty to me, what a little disappointing, but the interest is not in it, I decided. Natasha, meet - I in turn introduced his wife with men - is Dima, Sergei, Andrei, she stretched embarrassed them a pen and murmured - very nice. During the conversation the next day to go conspired together to swim. And at the appointed time of waiting for the fishermen, I suggested to my wife to try on her new swimsuit, which we bought last year, but she did not dare never wear. It was a dark green bikini with thong panties that looked very impressive on puffy Natasha's body, but that in view of its openness she did not dare to wear.
Misha, but I'm too shy to go in a bathing suit - said Natasha, twirling in front of the mirror and already about to shoot it, to suit their usual, more chaste. Well - I moaned - go to it, it is so beautiful - I have tried every possible way to flatter her, only that she had not dressed him. No, I'm embarrassed - it was the final answer - somehow then. She soon you - rang the door - we have already gathered, waiting for just you - it was Sergei. Fishermen come in time, we did not wait.
In one second, deciding I said - yes, we are also ready and wrapped around his wife's waist became pododvigat her to the door. Misha, Misha, no - wail my wife strongly pushing his - I will not go into it. I inexorably dragged her to the door, open the door and almost pushed his wife out. Here we have all been waiting for, and Sergei and Andrei and Dima. Well as you can - in one voice they wailed, with interest looking at my wife. Their sebaceous views I have stirred a member, I liked their leer, which they considered right and devoured my embarrassing Natasha.
Big tits almost fell out of the tight swimsuit cups, pop was all open, and the triangle of matter in front, too, was not particularly great. White until then covered with the same swimsuits places only emphasized the openness of the dress. Well, let's go already, Che rose - embarrassed and trying to defuse the situation said Natasha, at the same time giving me a disgruntled look her cute .... I smiled and picked up a beach bag went after him.
Hardly pausing to lock the door I began to catch up with men walking slightly behind my wife. Yes I polapat its roll - Andrey said. Yes you Th - Sergei wondered - when had it. I managed - rather mumbled the first - as she passed by, I grabbed it for zhopku. Well, as - with interest asked Serge. Stunned, myagonkaya and supple, the skin just a peach. And what Nataha - Sergei persisted. Well grimaced, all so dissatisfied, and all - went by - Andrew chuckled. Mishka did not say, but more so trying not to be substituted - he added cheerfully. I started terribly overheard the conversation, but seeing that I catch them men changed the subject.
During our bathing apparent seduction and domogany I did not have episodes where I saw that the guys believe that I can not hear you, I tried to make out what they were talking about, but there is nothing particularly interesting was not. Plenty nakupavshis we pulled back to the house. Natasha tied a towel around his hips, clearly disappointed than men who wanted to look at her ass. True to her tits oblipayuschem wet bra, swayed by the slightest movement yet compensated the guise of priests.
And come to us for dinner - offered Sergei, when we have almost reached our house - we're not far away, in the next street. While his wife was babbling something pokulturnee trying to give up, I asked her on the straight - what Natal's go? Faced with a choice directly deny, the wife agreed to - well, we will come. Dress front - joked Andrew - IIR you a tie and jacket, you Natasha - he ran her eyes - leave home towel. The wife blushed, embarrassed, turned a compliment from the discharge from the waist down. We are waiting for you - concluded Sergey, and men went down the track.
Oh, what should I wear for the evening - Natasha considered your holiday wardrobe. Well, how do you say - I was joking, putting aside the book and looking like she rummages in her things. All you guys the same - muttered wife - I suppose you'd also want to visit us came half-naked girls. No half-naked girls and seductive elegant lady like you - I got up and hugged her. Oh oh oh - willfully wife wailed, pleased my compliment. So what's all the same to wear - she stood with hands on hips. Well dress skirt out and some T-shirt - I suggested. You do not understand - was the answer of his wife. In the end, she still wore white flared knee-length summer skirt and white T-shirt with the big bright flowers in front and behind.
At the designated time we came, we met on the threshold of Andrew, having presented my wife a small bouquet of wild flowers. His wife was touched and even kissed a man on the cheek. The evening passed great fun, joked, ate and drank at first, then just by talking eating and drinking. Looking at my wife, I realized that it is unusual to have drunk a lot, we walked for about an hour just anything, and she finished the third glass of champagne. Yes, men have been helpful and attended to champagne for the ladies. Unused drink a lot Irina slightly drunk, her face was flushed, his gait became a bit uncertain, but pleased that the fun never left her, and she was ready with pleasure to walk on already seems totally regretting that agreed to this dinner.
Sergei took the initiative said that we should mark our acquaintance drank brotherhood, and began to fill to the brim with Natasha glass. His wife tried to refuse saying that already and so much to drink, but we gently coaxing her, he insisted. We took a glass of vodka, Natasha raised her champagne glass. To the bottom do not drink at all will not suffice - warned Sergei, we'd sip and embraced. Andrew, meanwhile, went nuts with Natasha and they chastely kissed each other on the cheek. Next Natasha drank Dima and I am Andrew. When the wife of Sergey clinked she offered him on the cheek, but Sergei pulling her to him and kissed her on the lips. Natasha is very embarrassed and to hide the excitement is almost drained the remnants of champagne in a glass.
Ten minutes later the champagne bottle was empty, my darling one face persuaded the whole bottle. Natasha do not worry - Andrew got up and to right to the closet - we still have a martini, drink true lady. My wife is a true lady could not refuse, and Andrew poured her a glass. That's just no olives - pretended he sighed. Nothing - wife waved prigublyaya of glass.
Including tape Sergey asked her to dance. The wife hesitated, but gave in to persuasion and accepted the invitation. With genuine delight I watched her insecure movements from drinking it a little rocking, hugging her tighter Sergei confidently led her to the dance. When the melody is over, replaced by Sergey Andrey arrived. Natasha was flattered by such attention, as they whispered something fun with Andrew during the dance. A couple of times a wife rather loudly giggled, apparently drunk or affected Andrew was a good joker.
When the tune ended Natasha said - Fu so tired - Dima, you do not take offense, but not now - it is a little guiltily looked at the third man. It's always - hypocritically sighed sadly one - one all - he waved toward Andrew, who was still standing next to Natasha - another personal - Dima pointed to himself. Well, do not worry - Natasha bent over him and kissed a man on the cheek - your next dance. She stepped awkwardly and pushed the table, her glass down and spreadable liquid ran down the surface of the table and began to drip on Dima's pants. Well, please - growled the man brushing his trouser leg, making the spot even bigger. Do not touch zamyt necessary - in the wife woke up mistress - shoot and where you then soap and water. Dima pulled his pants - let's go show.
They followed his wife into the kitchen. Go otolith - I said getting up and wanting not to let his wife out of sight. Going into prihozhku I did not go into the yard and stopped near the kitchen. Now we soaped and everything will be all right - I heard the voice of his wife. I cautiously peered inside. My wife leaned over the basin, soap and rubbing his pants, Dima was standing nearby. In shorts and a T-shirt, and I thought his little shorts bristled giving light stimulation. So - Natasha continued chattering. Oh - she squeaked, it Dima put his hand on her ass. It is not necessary - she said straightening up and holding lathered hands. But why - affectionately said the man - a little hand stroking the roundness of her yagodichek. Stop - a little evil Bole said Natasha. Well - Dima took his hand - I'm sorry, you're just so alluring - he just walked away.
Natasha shook her head - all go to rest, let soak, she rinsed his hands and headed for the exit. I drew back and came face to face Sergei - Peeper - he chuckled. I tried to protest, but just noticed that my hand squeezes a member until I watched Dima paw my wife, I involuntarily stroked his dick. Come with me - Sergei drew me into the yard.
Would you like to see on the steeper - just bluntly he began. We are your supruzhnitsa dyuzhe like, so if you do not mind ... I did not let him finish, he nodded. Well conspired - we shook hands in silent agreement.
We went back and I suggested a little fun playing cards. The idea found a common response, all were ready to relax with pleasure. Extinguish the light and create a cozy semi-darkness, we are located conveniently in front of the table. "On that play"Sergey asked. On the strip - Dima suggested - stake it still started - he pointed to his outfit. Oh - Natasha looked anxiously at us. Natasha - ingratiating voice began Sergey - you are so afraid of losing - he looked slyly at her - we can give you a head start. This principle is at the weak, not to take effect if my wife was sober, she was always very sensible, but alcohol has contributed, ... Natalia soared. I'm not afraid - she proudly said - I'll leave all without panties - she defiantly looked around us stare. Well - Sergei began to deal the cards.
I was sitting on the left of his wife, it is located to the right of Andrew, a little farther, Sergei, and then Dima. My dear little wife naturally won the first game, the fool was Sergei. Sergey willingly threw his shirt revealing his lean muscular torso. Then it was the turn twice to lose your humble servant. Left in his shorts, I left the game, under the ridicule of my believed in the invincibility of his wife.
Well, man, you really do not know how to play cards - had fun, my little wife, - you have to learn from me! Let's drink to successful smart and beautiful women - toast Andrew - for you Natasha. No boys, and so I drank too much - zamanernichala it. Natasha, but for myself it really is possible to have a drink, supported Sergey. Okay so, but this is the last, - she said, sipping a glass. Well, nice for himself and for us to finish - I supported. I do not hurry up I watched her that she shall be wrung out martini glass to the bottom.
It was the twelfth hour of the night, we have been resting at ease Trepov rather say we alone, my razomlevshie supruzhnitsa mostly silly giggled and did a languid expression, connected speech was given to her with difficulty. Well, now the guys will take revenge for me - I said cheerfully. As well as the same - smiled skeptically he believes his exclusivity Natasha. However, to her utter surprise the next game was over for her complete defeat.
She lost her looked at her lying in front of the card. Well, that's our day - Sergey said - we are waiting for Natasha. Wife still not believing his loss became pulling off his shirt. From the guys heard oohs sighs that seemed to give pleasure to my wife, as she defiantly threw her shirt away from her. Natasha once again declare to you, you are great - Gift Andrew has caused slight blush on the cheeks of my wife. She's a little embarrassed looked down and made an instinctive movement covering the chest with his elbows. natashechka, it is not necessary - softly said Sergey - pushing her hand away from the body - you are beautiful and charming. Even more embarrassed wife dutifully took her hands, giving us observe her tits sticking out of a white bodice.
Offer us a little pause and dance - suggested Sergey - unless of course the lady do not mind - he gallantly offered his hand inviting to dance. My dance is promised Dima - Natasha said getting up. Dima joyfully jumped from his seat. All duel - said Sergei cheerfully, giving way to a man. Well, the boys do not quarrel - cheerfully said Natasha, she was pleasant this competition.
Dima gentle arm around her waist and led her to the dance. Natasha intently, trying not to stagger, threw her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts against his semi-nude male torso. Sergei took a camcorder - memorializing blissful moments of relaxation - he proclaimed. Oh, do not - Natasha reproachfully, asking for embarrassment and looked at me. Natasha - Sergei pretended offense, dropping the camera - you are not pleased, our society, and you do not want to leave us. Bewildered wife just shook her head, okay good - she said - please do not be offended - she said apologetically addressing both Sergei and Andrei simultaneously. Okay, apology accepted - still playing frowning said Sergey.
While talking with Natasha Dima Sergei quietly for my wife lifted the hem of her skirt and holding her hand began to lift up. Hand with clenched her skirt reached to her waist, gradually exposing the thigh and then the bottom piece of the priests of my wife. Finally, placing a hand on the waist of my wife, Dima thereby lifted the hem of her skirt to her waist. She felt nothing, and went quietly to dance. Sit back steals and finally holding the hem of her at her waist, threw Dima pleased glance in our direction.
Our views and lens camcorder in hand of Sergei appeared so long concealed charms of my wife. Her big curvy buttocks was almost naked, a thin strip of white matter been hiding panties between them was not in the bill, it is nothing covered, but only emphasized the roundness of her ass. Buttocks with each step-stepping trembled like an elastic jelly, turning into plump, dairy, bloodshot thighs. Natasha Dima led directly to the table that we could adequately detail enjoy this spectacle.
Andrew just devouring gaze ass of my wife, in his eyes was so keen desire to grab and crush those waving white bread, I thought that he did not hold out and grabbed my wife by the ass. But Andrew broke down and just stare spent retreating to the center of the room dancing couple. When the tune ended, Dima unclasped his hands on her waist allowing the skirt to fall down. Seeing her back to the table and going back a little bit, he was able to admire her ass as little skirt rode up on one of the buttocks, not wanting to fall further.
My wife is the disorder in his attire did not feel. When all were seated, we handed over the card. At this time, my wife won, and then the next hand. Smug smile played over her face. Both her partner has remained in his shorts. Sergey, under the pretext that the camera awkward to play out of the game, his wife broke up ashamed, he got cold feet and forced to strip to his underpants in recognition of defeat. Sergey fulfilled its requirements and not without pleasure.
I propose a toast to the great players - Andrew suggested, looking at my contented supruzhnitsu. You drink, and I will not - said Natasha. Well, Natasha - handed Sergei - as so. No, no - zatoratorila my wife - I have enough.
The guys did an angry countenance. I'll drink with you juice or mineral water - said in a conciliatory tone, my wife - if there of course, she guiltily looked at the hosts. Somewhere it was, go and see - with these words Dima went to the kitchen. As I was later told, mineral water actually found in the refrigerator. Dima opened the bottle and poured half a glass, standing there and then took a bottle of vodka and add it to the mineral water. Hoping that the already fairly vypivshaya my wife did not sniff out odor, he has brought in a glass room.
Taking from his hand glass, he clinked glasses with his wife and children began to drink small sips. Phew, holodnenky - happy she snorted, making a large throat. Almost finishing his glass, she rubbed her hands - well, that will continue - with the call she looked at the children. We continue - they replied in unison. But look - with a sense of superiority, said Natalia - concessions will not be lost as lost. The men nodded in agreement. Wife in anticipation of a full triumph, happily grabbed the cards ... but to her great surprise, lost.
Damn, how is it - my wife muttered, puzzled. The fact that the guys do not always tossed cards in the suit or number, and even after all that the game is directed against her, she did not seem to notice.
It seems our master gave blunders - Andrey said. His wife nodded in agreement. And what little thing will remove our lady - languidly asked Sergei. Natasha blushed, she did not want to shoot anything at all. She continued to sit, glanced from one man to another. Natasha, well, so what - who was sitting beside her Andrei got up and stood behind her back of the hand held over her shoulder - what you decide - his fingers lightly skimmed by bra straps, as if hinting that it just may be removed. His wife continued to sit with his hands folded between his knees, her face reflected the feverish work half-drunk thoughts. Natasha, do not torment - Andrew stroked her second shoulder.
His wife nervously licked her lips. Andrew stroked her shoulders gradually promoted the palm just below, his fingers walking along the strap of her bra down lower and he was cautiously just two fingers began to drive on the hollow between her breasts and protruding ... part of her milky tits nezagorevshey, repeating curves of the cup bra. Natasha, well decide - Andrew was insinuating voice, he almost touching his lips to her ear bent to my wife, his other hand slipped from her shoulder now patted her tummy. Tiskane men became more and more insistent, apparently it has played a crucial role, and my wife is not completely lost control of himself, to get out of this situation, decided - let it be the skirt - she said. Excellent - said Andrey nevertheless incessantly gently stroking her tits.
My wife got up. Andrew stood behind her gently supporting her back. Trying to anyone not look, Natasha slowly undid the zipper on her skirt. Wow, now there will be a strip - fun whistled Sergei, settling comfortably with the camera. This is now just turn off the camera - said Natasha. Well, Natasha, what you hesitate - said Sergey feigned - are all their own. No I'm not - my wife said stubbornly. Natasha did not upryamtes - Andrew hugged her back - let us work together - his hand was on top of her and began to pull the zipper down. Well off - wife knowing that the skirt is about to start sliding made a last attempt to stop it. No, no, no - said Sergei, still holding the camera and taking a skirt down hand drawn by Andrew starts to slide down. Opened triangle panties and lacy material was translucent, so that could be seen darkening neatly shaved hairs on lobochke my wife. Natasha instinctively put her hands cupped, covering the bottom of the belly.
When her whole ass was open, Andrew turned to my wife to face him. What a lovely ass - said Dima, when to turn back to us Natasha appeared before our eyes. Supporting it with one hand under the belly, Andrew let the skirt slide down freely and second hand gently stroked my wife on the rounded buttocks. Yes, simply stunned - he picked up, still trembling slightly touching iron rolls my wife. From these comments Natasha blushed, rotated back to us she took her hands from lobochka and now just hugged herself with her hands on her waist. So soft and gentle - Andrew continued, lightly squeezing his hand a roll. All have - a little displeased said Natasha, her skirt was already lying down around her ankles. Yes, yes - Andrew careful not to overreact, quickly removed his hands from her yagodichek and now just stick to Natasha by the elbow.
Wife too hastily began to pace from falling skirt and hooked one leg began to fall. But the tenacious hands of Andrew caught her and held. Thank you - his wife blushed and shyly smiled at him - I have seen today has exceeded its normal - as if apologizing she added, bending down to pick up the underlying skirt. Men whistled wife too late realized that bent his back to us it gave stunning views, lush rolls round, immersed in between the strip panties, deeply incised and thus do not end up hiding her pussy. Wife embarrassment straightened her skirt holding in his hand.
Thank you Natasha, great shots - Sergey said, pointing at the camera - and most importantly so naturally - he continued breathlessly - popoziruyte yet. I do not specifically - embarrassed my wife chirped, blushing even more, all nodded implying that even for a second did not believe her. His wife was confused even more - I do not want the idea that all believe that she did it on purpose, it is quite lost.
We play on or take rest - Andrew asked. Let's take rest a little - said Natasha, apparently hoping to gather strength. Then dancing - Andrew said cheerfully. But it may not have to - Natasha looked plaintively at the man. I've turned on the recorder, the melody sounded. But the music asks - Andrew depicting gallant bow held my wife's hand. But ... - the beginnings of my wife, but Andrew was not listening to her timid objections have led her to the middle of the room.
I do not know what to call the dance, when both are dancing in his underwear, but I definitely liked it. Come take - Sergei handed me the camera - I am now - he went into the corridor. Taking off on camera dancing with Andrew's wife, I felt like my cock stiffened, I had a great desire to masturbate him, but I restrained myself. Cuddling her half-naked breast to breast Andrew, feeling the closeness of his body Natasha is very embarrassed, her face turned almost crimson. Member Andrei is also not dozing and gaining some strength quite clearly bulged from the heats and in certain moments clearly rested in the body of my wife. The wife could not help but feel that, yes, and she felt as sometimes just trying to move away from the man, thereby thrusting his ass back a little.
Driving my wife dancing Andrei whispered something in her ear, first Natasha listened to him a little tense, but he apparently hunted jokes or something like that, because gradually the smile began to appear on the face of my wife more and more often. She even became a little relaxed and easier to relate to the current situation.
Dancing, Andrew put his hand on her bare buttocks. My wife said something to him, he shook his head and whispered something in her back, but his hand is not removed. Natasha tried to protest, arguing with her Andrew continued to hold his hand on her ass. Natasha seems to come to terms with this, still trying to say something she has graciously nodded to him and smiled a little and without doing anything more, she continued to listen to the man. And yet! My wife barely posoprotivlyatsya and retreated! Apparently alcohol is a good helper. And now I was shooting as Andrew paw the ass of my wife.
Handing the camera Sergei, I ran to the kitchen to make another mineral cocktail and at the same time to fasten trousers, because they do not want to show my excitement gripped. Sergei came back with a glass in his hand - that mineralochki for ladies - he smiled slyly. And I think many have missed - he smiled again, Andrew led my wife to dance have both hands holding her ass. His hands were on her loaves, and shifting dance, Natasha every time popochkoy dent in helpfully splayed palm men. And you have here interesnenko - Sergey whispers continued. I tried to give him the camera. Do not you need to be - he smiled - I will soon be engaged in hand - he peremignulsya Dima.
Music ended with dancing disengage his arms and headed toward us. And Andrew drove my wife supporting her hand on her ass. As they walked to us that we can enjoy the view of the front of my wife. Small translucent triangle of white panties barely covered her dark vegetation lobochka, a small bump on the belly slightly stood out to move her hips, her legs buckled slightly, the pace was not quite sure.
Well we continue our game - Dima picked up cards preparing to take. It may no longer be - asked my wife. Well, of course - feigned surprise Dima - remains the same interesting. Natasha looked at me hunted. We must continue - I said - you beat them, I believe in you - I have encouraged my wife. It may then still take rest and dance - timidly suggested that Natasha, throwing me a startled look, how I feel like dancing. Apparently she did not feel the strength to win the next games and delaying time was even willing to dance. I shrugged - they say if you want, please.
Sergei stood - well, if the lady asks - he held out his hand. I just popyu - Natasha said taking off the table mineral water brought to them. Drained the glass in the hope of sober, my wife poured a fair amount of alcohol has reinforced aerating the water.
Returning the glass on the table turned to Sergei Natasha - I'm ready. I ask you - Sergey gallantly took her hand in his and brought my wife to the center. Oh, you are such a gallant - Natasha giggled, putting her hands on the shoulders of the man. And not only courteous, but also a passionate - said Sergey both hands with a feeling of squeezing the buttocks of my wife .... But, but - with mock severity said Natasha - keep yourself in their hands. Can I'd rather keep you and not yourself - pun Sergei. You can - Natasha burst into laughter - but carefully - she added.
They began to move to the music, or rather simply cross their feet, alcohol is increasingly acting on his wife, she has become more likely to stumble. You would do well to also pretend to be drunk in the ass - I said Andrei, sitting next to - the absence of her husband, we would be very helpful - he smiled. Cover your eyes, hold the camera, no signs of life and watch - he finished his thought. I nodded in agreement.
During the dance, we deliberately loudly twice drank, his wife several times threw me angry looks. I diligently portrayed an extreme degree of intoxication, and finally pretended was quiet in the chair, do not forget to sneak aim the camera in the desired direction. When the music ended, Sergei summed wife pretty wobbly table. Natasha doomed village and pulled up an empty glass of mineral water to her. Maybe a little martini - Andrew suggested. His wife lifted him bleary eyes - no, better mineral. Andrew quickly ran to the kitchen and handed a glass of Natasha Dima meanwhile slowly began to distribute cards. Get a map at hand, my wife sipped a hefty portion of the beverage - okay, so play to play - she said resignedly. By the middle of the party his wife were full hand of cards, boys consistently swamped her, do not give Bito.
Natasha, it seems to me, or you start to play a bit - slyly asked Andrew. It seems, it seems - dissatisfied muttered my wife darting glance at the fan of cards in his hands - now everything has changed - she said uncertainly, it seems she does not believe in the successful outcome of the party. I have a suggestion how to help you - he said, moving closer to her. What is - interested in Natasha. I can pretend not to notice how you got rid of a few extra cards - saying this he gently put his arm around her waist - Dima, I arrange, Serge does not play it anyway, well, your husband and do not know - he nodded in my direction. Natasha threw a careful look at me, I sat motionless. Misha, Misha - she called. I did not respond.
Sleeping like a baby - Andrey said. Reassured on my account, my wife entered the auction. Maybe then generally stop playing - hopefully she suggested. Only under one condition - said Andrew - you acknowledge your full defeat and lose all his clothes - he gestured around Natasha. Do not, then we will play - handed Natasha - so how many cards I can throw - Natasha continued bargaining. Well, you start and we'll see - the man said slyly. So for example here is this - Natasha has postponed a fight card and the one looked at Andrew. Yeah - he nodded, inviting it to continue. And this - the wife put down another.
Well, well - the hand of Andrew passed over her bared belly. Here is this - Andrew ran his hand over his chest tightened bra my wife. And this - his hand lay on the bare hills of breath billowing from Natasha's breasts. Well, even this - Natasha blushed a little, and at the same time confused and trying to figure out which cards to throw yet.
Andrew slowly drove his palm on her chest, sometimes a little squeezing her massive yielding flesh. The wife put down another card. Andrew Hand penetrated cup bra wrapped around the inside of my wife naked sisyu. Natasha gave Andrew a quick wary look. Any other - he said the man gently massaging her breasts and how I thought deliberately pulling down her bra - or all - he looked at her slyly. Drunk, confused in such close attention to his person, his wife paused, holding a fan of cards with both hands. You will still dumping - Andrey has two hands kneaded her tits, then trying to bring them together, the circular motion spreading out to the sides. Natasha looked from cards to paw her arms and back. From Andrew manipulation is one of the straps slipped off a little of the shoulder and a heavy chest of my wife his weight delayed the cup threatening at any moment to fall out of it entirely.
Natasha looked around the room and wandering eyes stumbled look at the camera in my hands. Oh, and it operates - frightened she asked and blushed. Natasha, do not be afraid and do not hesitate to - gently cooed Andrew priobnimaya her shoulders and helping the second strap slip off the shoulder with it - the camera is off and even from your hubby is not much of a statement. The joke had their effect and wife calmed down at the camera through - just do not have to shoot - with drunken insistence she said. Natasha, relax - Andrew kissed her neck, his wife jerked slightly, but Andrew kissed her again, his hands moving down her shoulders fascinated for a bra strap. There is nothing wrong - he kissed her collarbone. But why, it is not necessary - the wife continued to mechanically keep the cards.
It is necessary, it is necessary - said Andrey gently, releasing her tits out cups bodice. It is necessary - he said, lightly touching the fingertips of the halo of her nipples. Natasha glanced at her bra sticking out naked tits. You also like to show us your tits naked - Andrew said softly. The wife blushed more than ever, and she had thoughts like that happened. You and kupalnichek today put a specially - continued the man - do you think we do not understand. My wife really confused - is the husband insisted - she tried to justify himself. Of course, of course - as a child continued to speak Andrew, feeling her breasts and pulling - you and us lost on purpose, so that her husband would not suspect. His wife said nothing more blushing, unable to deny this absurdity. You're such a sly seductress - continued to exhort her man. Natasha quite confused and lost.
Feeling that the moment has come, Sergey decided on a last spurt. By the way, we want to show you this - with these words he stood up and pulled pulled his trunks. Our view brought his hard sulkily cock. Well, it was an impressive sight: my wife with naked boobs in the arms of one man, and the next one with a sticking by a dick. I have not sustained and stealthily began to stroke his cock through the panties.
Sergey was a member of a rather long, smooth, milky white, amazingly beautiful with bright red head, engulfed by his stress he nearly quivering in the pulsation cycle. Do you like this term - Andrew lips almost touching her face said it, pointing in the direction of Sergei. It is like - he drawled, heavily squeezing her tits. The wife looked from sticking cock to Andrew and back. Then I'll show you mine - with these words, Andrew got up and lowered his pants. On another wife stared rampant dick. His wife continued to sit forlornly looking from one man to the other. I think to you it is no longer needed - said Andrey unbuttoning her back zipper and really became useless bra.
Wife outstretched hands slightly forward allowed to sneak off the bra. Good girl - Andrew praised her again schupaya her tits. Dima also wasted no time and was already sitting without panties. You throw the card - he said, stroking his dick. Wife obediently put a fan of the cards on the table. Now come here and take my cock in her mouth - gently, but at the same time demanding, Dima continued. My wife got up and went to the sitting Dime - come on baby, show me how you do it. His wife knelt awkwardly, caught between the parties divorced in thighs men. Come on, I pine - Dima continued podrachivat your dick, zaluplyaya head.
Natasha hesitantly sat watching as the head of that dick once again laid bare the covered skin. Come on - Dima overcoming the slight resistance of her neck, pulled her head to his swollen dick. My wife still could not bring herself to admit her defeat, but the choice she almost was not, gently took her by the back of his head, a man four centimeters plunged his cock in her mouth obediently ajar .... I was fascinated by how stared slowly and rhythmically he plunged his cock ottopyrivaya cheek of my beloved little wife.
And total victory once dick Dima half came in her mouth, the body of my wife's limp little tense at first, and she made the first sucking movements. Come on, suck it - Dima stroked her hair at the nape. Hesitantly, but obediently, like a schoolgirl she complied with his request and began to slowly suck his dick. Gradually, the wife is a big expense, she had rested her hands on her hips and a man moved his head vigorously nasazhivayas mouth on cock sticking out. Excellent nipple - commented on the action of my wife Dima. Natasha piano and he smiled contentedly pulling tongue swollen zaluplennuyu penis. Oh, that create - with aspiration Dima said, squirming and trying to drive his cock deeper into her mouth. His wife continued to suck him, smacking his lips loudly and long hold virtually all of his dick in his mouth.
Andrew came up behind her began to feel her protruding ass, then he pulled a little toward thin strip covering the crotch of her panties and began to Iron-on transfer pussy my wife. My wife just for a moment turned and continued nasasyvayut member has with great enthusiasm, as fingers Andrew began stroking her pussy lips and gently potrahivat it.
Come sit with me - a voice hoarse with emotion said Dima - and then I'll finish. The wife of a man leaning on a rose, Andrew helpfully pulled her panties down, his wife held their gaze and crossed the allowed Andrey fling them aside. Come to me - Dima said, clasping my wife's hips - go as sweetie. The wife turned to him and slowly began to sit down, drawn by hands of Dima grabbed her by the sides. Sitting on his dick Natasha issued languid moan Dima supporting her hips began to crawl under it, Natasha is having rested his hands on the arms began to ride him.
The picture I will tell you has oil, its lush sisechki shook and jumped, buttocks ivy on hips man's wife then throws back his head, then lowered it on the contrary, constantly moaning and writhing on the penis. Dima did not last long. At some point, he pressed himself against my wife, pulling her toward him with both hands and began to finish it. When Natasha got up with him, a few drops of sperm mixed with her discharge from her vagina open fell to the floor. Take erase - Andrew gave her some of the things. Wife held without looking between your legs, only then noticed that it was her T-shirt, but it was too late, on the snow-white matter clearly stood out divorce. Come on, do not worry - Dima said, getting up from the chair - not things happy and took from her hands her shirt rubbed his penis. Wife wanted to say something, but it has already captivated Andrew.
Having laid her on the couch, he with the help of Sergei widely spread and lifted up her legs, two hands and pushed the thick wet labia, was visible a little tight clit and tidy darkening move into the vagina. Plenty admired this picture, and allowing me to quietly withdraw the plan at the camera, Andrew began to fondle her crotch with your fingers. Sergei, going over her head, held it parted and raised legs for chubby shaking with excitement thighs, Andrew also squatted began slowly and expertly first kiss and then lick her clitoris, vagina entrance, thrusting his tongue into her pussy . Wife liked it, she covered her eyes than, occasionally moaning when nimble tongue Andrew gave her maximum pleasure.
Then Sergei maximum buckled her thighs to the stomach and Andrew planted my little wife to his long term take rhythmically to drive him to the bosom of my wife. Natasha softly at first, but gradually louder started moaning as Sergei did not stuffed her mouth with his cock, and then through the sucking and smacking heard contented lowing of my little wife. They are doing something difficult, such an animal from the rapid fucking his wife I have never to my shame had not seen before.
After a while, the men switched places. Thick dense member Sergei entered my pussy supruzhnitsa, causing slight momentary grimace of pain, change of sense of satisfaction on her face crimson. Andrew also rubbed his penis in her mouth welcoming unbuttoned my wife. And fuck continued. Soon Andrew stood out on his face and the bliss of his cock frantically threw the portion of sperm directly into the mouth of my wife. Natasha was not expecting this choked and sprayed part of the semen on the chin. Taking cock from her mouth, Andrew smeared streaks of semen on her face exhausted and moved aside. Natasha shaken by strong tremors Sergei, and constantly whining and tried to wipe the face palms.
But Sergei did not resist for a long time, too long been gripped his stress and he, in turn, poured out into the bosom of my better half. Dima has already managed to go to the kitchen and brought another glass of mineral water with vodka. Going to the couch with enjoyment and thrilled from coming into themselves from the emotions experienced by Natasha he held out a glass - Natasha, refreshing. Wife gratefully accepted sup cool drink. Sergei specifically found in scattered her skirt dress - let me wipe you - he suggested. So the wife and skirt was stained with semen.
While the men were resting, my wife svezheotebanaya doprikonchila glass of cocktail. Her final razvezlo disappeared remnants of the former modesty, she dissolutely apart legs lying on the couch, drunk eyes scanning the room. Seeing that my wife is ready to do anything, Andrew came up to her and her muttering all sorts of tenderness, put her cancer and began to drive her finger around her anus. My wife never worked with me anal sex, all my attempts to meet the always sharp refusal. Most likely in his youth she was an unpleasant experience, or is irreconcilable persistence I could do nothing to explain.
Now the big round ass wife was located directly in front of faces of men, in the center of it was a small hole it popochki brownish, slightly below the vagina gaping slit from which flowed at lyazhechkam sperm leftovers. Podsobrav trickle of semen and juices from the vagina, Andrew smeared this lineup anus of my wife, and carefully introduced a finger into her ass. Sergei climbing head placed under the hands of Natasha at that moment sucked into his mouth hanging tits my dear little wife. Excitation of the couple began to grow, its belly and thighs convulsively twitching.
Fuck her anus while her finger, Andrew apparently decided that my wife's ass is ready for more action. His cock was standing at attention, he is placing it between rolls to shake Natasha began cautiously and slowly introduce his penis into the anus of my wife, with one hand he directed his end, and the other grabbed my wife under the belly. Natasha made a half-hearted attempt to give up, she tried to push his ass on it who push member, but Andrei helping himself hand relentlessly promoted his dick deeper into her anus. wife issued a low moan, swollen eggs Andrew rested in her crotch, a member came in the ass to its full length.
Tight in her ass - panted Andrew, he probably did not expect this. So she did not and does not enjoy bos - said Sergei, a while looking up from sucking her tits. It can not be - said Andrey was surprised - this zhopka and idle - he gently slapped on the buttocks Natasha - is worthless - with these words, Andrew began to slowly but picking up pace to batter the ass of my wife. I am even more wound up listening to such talk about his wife. Continuing to masturbate, I watched as the magnificent body undulates like Natasha impaled on a spit on a moving relentlessly in her ass cock Andrew.
It seemed the fuck would never end, her hands trembled and buckled, his mouth were heard moans and inarticulate bellowing, and Andrew still continued to drive his dick in her ass .... Exhausted wife tucked his hands just lay chest on the couch, his head turned to one side. Sergei was not the inheritance, became attach your dick in her mouth, but my wife was not able to suck him. She was shaking from shock and Andrew just squealed when his balls with sonorous slaps fought on her crotch.
Finally, five minutes later Andrey finished, his wife slowly slipped from his still sticking Cola, the anus of my wife gaped no longer covers the hole from which it begins to flow down the sperm. I can not over - she moaned, stretching out on the couch exhausted.
But this was not the end, Sergei came to the limply lying on my stomach spouse, swung her legs off the sofa, thus again putting her cancer with the only exception that now all over Natasha just lay on the couch. Sitting down at her, he again went into her rear opening, the wife has mooing loudly, Sergei crouching over her with all his weight pressed her into the couch, his penis each time included the entire depth. This is a sweet torment continued for about five minutes.
When Sergey departed from Natasha, his wife had no strength to get up, she remained standing with her legs spread, only placing one hand under his head. Well, what would you do to me - muttered Dima - handsome - he turned to friends - on their two sticks thrown, lady three sheets become tired, and I - it questioningly, but at the same time without resentment looked at his friends. Well, who has not had one late - Sergei spoke, puffing. Okay Mishan we go rinse - he turned already to me - guide: keep the wife - not to run away - he joked.
As soon as the men left the courtyard, I turned off the camera and can not hold back any longer immediately lowered to the floor. Wife caught her breath stirred and uncertain movements rose and sat down on the sofa. Misha - she saw me standing - we're - she waved a hand - well you slept - she finished her thought unrelated. From the courtyard of the guys back, wrapped around the hips towels. But the hosts - Natasha said getting up - well, it's time we sat and home - she wobbly gait towards the door. Natasha, you and go - I spoke to her. And that - she drunkenly around the room look - oh yeah - she smacked herself on the forehead with his palm - the employers do not say goodbye - it dawned on her.
Well, all boys now - she climbed to the no hugging. You can be left until the morning - more than I suggested Natasha Dima. No no no - I rattled my wife - what good will you stick - she laughed. Yes, we will not - promised her Dima grabbing her boob. We will not - Andrew continued hugging her ass. And now what you are doing - the question my wife, allowing men to feel themselves. To persuade you to stay - Dima said prisasyvayas to her nipple with his lips. Mish you like - wife turned to the question to me. Stunned, she stands naked, three men her paw, and she almost blows me small talk. To stay - I said.
Well - he nodded his wife - the boys, we remain, the husband allowed - she said cheerfully. Then in bed - the man picked up my wife in his arms and carried him to the couch. What are you doing - pretended she wailed when after putting her men threw off their towels - do more. Even just once - he cooed Dima settling between her thighs. While he fucked her, the two men on the paw boobs anyone toying and fingering swollen nipples, the wife of the priobnimaya them for priests turning his head alternately sucking their cocks.
Dima is already finished, but Sergei and Andrei could not come to the final, apparently for the third time they did not have time to recover. Wife nasasyvayut nadrachivat and their members, at the same time on both sides shoving them into his mouth, but the discharge does not occur. So tired she poured Andrew on his back and climbed on top of him. Sitting comfortably she pushes her hips, Andrew hugged her back pulled her close so that her tits were hanging in front of his mouth. Then his hands moved to her buttocks, spreading and reducing them, and his mouth running from one to the other tits sucking and licking ripe melons my wife.
Sergei stood up on the sofa began to get a job back, I realized today my wife poimeyut two holes at the same time, so until then I had only seen on video. Now Sergey asked fucking rhythm, tremors from his ass, and Natasha moved by a pussy on a member Andrew. Double penetration, partitions friction between the vagina and ass brought his wife to distraction, and very soon it roughly finished. Men have apparently resigned the third time they did not finish rolled to the side.
As well as boys - said my wife, not personally to no one but simply stating a fact. Tired of alcohol and sex, my wife soon fell asleep. Our family couple were given a light blanket and placed on a couch in the house was only one more day bed, so Dima and Sergey lay down on the floor.
In the morning .... But that is another story .... .
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